Crypto investment with Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept

Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept is a trading company that trades Cryptocurrencies. It is run by a handful of young crypto traders who have a combined portfolio of over $50,000 of personal funds. They raised this Fund from zero USD to over $50,000 in less than a year.

They operate from Nigeria and already have over 50 clients and they aim for just 100 to 150 clients. It is a small trading company and they intend to keep the number of clients small.

According to their CEO, they play it safe and payout 10% of invested fund per month for as long as you remain with them. You can also pull your capital at any time, so long as you give them a 4-week advance notice.

Their minimum investment is N100,000 plus a one-time registration fee of N20,000.


The CEO of knows the CEO of Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept in person. He has also invested a lot of money in the trading company and has had no issues with the company.

AtlanticRide has also done its research and has found out that the company doesn’t take too much risk, hence the reason they have been very efficient and have never missed a payout before.

What we like about Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept

  1.  Timely payout every month
  2. Small number of client base (This makes them very accountable to their clients)
  3. Direct line of communication with the CEO once you register and he can keep you appraised as to the status of your fund.

What we don’t like about Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept

  1. The only thing we don’t have like about Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept is the low pay out per month. But this makes sense because, the low pay out means that they are not under pressure to make dangerous trades, which is in the investors best intrest.

AtlanticRide can assure you that Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept is not a scam. This is the only thing we can guarantee.

If you are interested in investing, send us an email at: or call/SMS/Whats app +23490 6171 4064 for more.

Disclaimer: AtlanticRide does not trade forex and is not in partnership with this company. We have only Invested and tested Eldorado Crypto-Biz Concept and we can ascertain to a very high degree of confidence that they are as genuine. Either way, please do all due diligence before investing.