CIA Undergraduate Internship Program: How To Apply and Get In


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The CIA undergraduate internship program is an excellent opportunity for University or college students to see how the agency works and operates.

Do you wish to benefits from the CIA undergraduate internship program but don’t know how to apply? Are you seeking for an exciting internship experience but don’t know how?

If yes, count yourself lucky for coming down to Atlantic Ride as we are passionate about giving our readers and their interest.

Ideally, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offers opportunities for undergraduate students to work in their bureau as a CIA intern.

This Intelligence Agency is, without doubt, on the edge of world-altering events as they unfold. So working their as an undergrad shouldn’t be seen as a job, but has a lifestyle and mindset.

Thus, the internship program is application is open to all full-time undergraduate students pursuing any 4-year academic degree in any recognized institution.

Although internship programs are usually meant for freshmen at the time of filing the application. And such student must demonstrate his intention in pursuing such career upon graduation.

Therefore, if you wish to work with the CIA or any other intelligence agencies around the world, doing an intern with CIA as an undergrad will be an added advantage to your CV.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Internship Program

Having said that, it’s crucial you note that the internship program is not only available for an undergraduate, graduate student that’s on the verge of gathering experience can apply too.

CIA undergraduate internship program

Plus, the internship program can be undertaken in the United States or outside the jurisdiction where they have connections or subsidiary branches.

The eligible and successful candidates for the CIA internship program will be working in the Washington, DC, metro.

There, they will be performing duties that are typical to that of a Staff Operations Officer or Collection Management Offices where they’ll be teaming with knowledgeable professionals.

Their work will be to facilitate the identification, collection, and dissemination of the US foreign intelligence.

These foreign intelligences are exclusively meant for the US national security and defense, foreign policy officials, intelligence analysts, and the likes consumption.

Yet, it is a requirement or condition precedent that the applicant must be a U.S citizen. All other requirements will be, therefore, be discussed below:

CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Eligibility

As passionate as you may to be to undertake your internship program with the CIA, there are certain requirements that you must fulfilled.

So to be eligible as an intern in this agency, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements or qualifications:

  • To be eligible, the applicant must be a US citizen (fortunately, dual US citizens are eligible too.)
  • It is a condition precedent that all positions are required to relocate to the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.
  • Plus, the applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student pursuing his degree in any 4-year academic institution.
  • The intending student must have, at least, completed one semester at the time of applying for the internship program;
  • At least, the applicant must have a GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point grade scale at the time of filing the application form. And he must maintain the grade throughout the application process as well as the internship program;
  • Preferred major or program of study is not a requirement or condition that needs to be satisfied;
  • Having or studying Engineering, Information Technology, or one of the science courses is a must;
  • The applicant must include his university information at the “Education Section” of the online application form. The anticipated graduation date or year should be included too.
  • Competitive intending student that is enrolled in a 2-year degree program that fits into accredited 4-year degree programs will also be considered.
  • If competitive, the proof or evidence of acceptance into the 4-year degree program will be required prior to resuming into the office.
  • To be considered eligible for the Agency internship program, applicants must not have used any illegal drug or drugs within the last one year (12 months).

Note that: The issue of the use of illegal drug prior to the last 12 months will be carefully evaluated in the course of the medical and security processing.

How to apply for the CIA undergraduate internship program

Once you’ve satisfied all of the above mentioned condition precedent to be eligible for the CIA undergraduate internship program, you can now apply.

How to apply for CIA undergraduate internship program

Before then, note that for your online application form to be successful, you’ll have to supply the following information:

  • A cover letter (two pages on the maximum) describing yourself, reasons why you are passionate in a DO career, spelling out experiences that differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Qualifications Supplement (must be in a separate PDF format) addressing the following questions:
  • Why you are so determined to have a career in public service (1 paragraph)
  • Reason why you wish to serve in the Directorate of Operations (1 paragraph)
  • Other than the D.O, what other career options interest or appeal to you (1 paragraph)
  • Describe one vital thing from your military, academic, or professional background that has prepared or nurtured you for successful career in the DO (1 paragraph)
  • “I do my best work when…” complete the thought. (1 paragraph)
  • Describe any time when you failed academically or professionally, and what you realized or learn from such experience (2 paragraphs)
  • And lastly, your result transcripts showing your grades (copy or unofficial transcripts can be used at this stage of application processing).

To access the online application form, endeavor to click on this link.

Note: These informations or items should be in a document or PDF format and should must be attached to the online application form:

In the same vein, there are some other qualities or attributes that you need to possess to stand a chance ahead of other applicants.

Remember that thousands of undergraduate students — with all the necessary qualifications — apply for the CIA internship program yearly. Thus, having these other qualities will further enhance your chance.

How to get into the CIA undergraduate internship program ahead of other applicants

In with the above discourse on the requirements for CIA undergraduate internship, there are some other personal skills you need to possess for you to be selected.

  • Among these skills, attributes, and characteristics are as follows:
  • You should possess an impeccable integrity;
  • An applicant with an outstanding interpersonal skill stand the chance to be chosen ahead of others;
  • You should have an excellent written and verbal communication skill;
  • Also, you demonstrated interest in national security and foreign affairs issues;
  • Endeavor to show commitment to serving the interests of America;
  • Demonstrate an interest to pursue a career with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations after your graduation;
  • Having any foreign language skills or overseas experience will equally be an added advantage;
  • Competitive applicants that complete his online application early during the application process and not at the final week of the application deadline have a clean chance of making it.
CIA internship for undergraduate students

What are the exercises to be completed by an applicant for the CIA internship?

The question: what are the exercises to be completed by an undergraduate student seeking to undergo an internship program at the CIA is one that begs for an answer.

As such, as a CIA internship program applicant, you must take note of the following exercises to be completed during the application process.

These exercises include:

  • An intensive medical examination and thorough psychological test;
  • Efficient polygraph interview; and
  • Comprehensive and thorough background investigation.

Is the CIA internship program open for international students?

Are you an international student but have interest in pursuing your career in DO following graduation?

Do you wish to undertake your internship program as an undergraduate in the CIA being an international student?

Unfortunately, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an integral part of the American national security services.

Hence, there’s no room for International Students in their internship program for an undergraduate for now.

However, an American citizen or National with dual citizenship can apply for position to intern at the CIA.

Is the CIA undergraduate internship a paid program?

Yes, the internship is a paid programme and that’s one of the reasons why the application is competitive. The give the limited slots to the qualified applicants.

So the starting salary for an undergraduate student undertaking his internship at CIA is $20.74 per hour. When estimated, it is $43,300 per month.

What’s more, there’s usually a comprehensive benefits package for the students in addition to the salary payment.

Not limited to that, other than the monetary compensation and material value, the CIA often offers exciting and tempting career opportunities in a dynamic environment.


In summary, you must note that the CIA internship program for undergraduate students is an ideal way of adding unique experience to one resume.

It gives student an inside track to what it means to working for the magnificent United States’ forefront espionage agency.

For you too apply and be selected as an intern at the CIA, you must put up a plan for, at least, a year in advance, be a U.S citizen, meet scholastic requirements, interview in Washington, D.C., etc.

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