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Car Renting and all That You Need to Know

It is very true that having a rental car can save you lots of time and money than waiting for public transportation and paying a taxi respectively. In this article, you will get to know all there is about car renting and how you can use it to your advantage. You need to know that care renting can be tricky and expensive as well, if you don’t know your way around. Car renting has its rules and you need to rent cars following these rules.

Although the aforementioned rules are changing due to certain things like technology and car booking apps but the ideal remains the same. There are basic rules to the game of car renting that you really need to be familiar with.  Below are some of the basic rules of car renting you need to follow at all times:

Rules of Car Renting

  • Don’t limit your search to the airport

There is no rule that mandates you to rent a car at the airport terminal, hence you can always look beyond the airport. You need to know that many people that flew in to the same destination with you are also hoping to rent a car at the airport. This creates the room for long queues and higher tendency for something to go wrong. There is also the possibility of getting higher prices when you rent with the airport terminal.

When you rent a car outside the airport, chances are you would safe lots of time and money. This can be highly dependent on the country, city, and the date of your visit. It is not 100 percent certain that you would find a better car renting deal outside the airport but its worth try.

  • Make sure to call the car rental company after placing your reservation

There are times you may have booked or reserved a car with a car rental company only to get there and be disappointed. So, the lesson and the rule here is; reserving a car does not actually secure that car for you. You really need to get the fact that car renting companies or agencies are not always the best when it comes to customer service delivery.

The ideal thing to do is to pick up your phone and call the car renting agency you booked a reservation with. This is to make sure that you will not fly all the way to be disappointed by these car rental service providers. You also need to confirm from them the distance between the airport and their location. There is no room for assumption if you want to enjoy your visit to that amazing location.

You need to inquire from their front desk the steps they recommend in order to guarantee your reservation. If the front desk representative has too much tips, you better stay away from such car renting agencies.

  • Always bargain for your price

No one has the power to force a particular car renting price down your throat no matter what. There is no rule that says anyone under the age of 25 years should pay higher rates when renting a car. Oftentimes, car renting agencies tend to associate young drivers with higher risk of accident that they always charge more rates. Always stand your ground to bargain for your rates.

Sites like have different lists of car rental agencies in your destination that you can compare their prices.

  • Decide whether you need insurance

Before renting that wonderful car in that city, you need to decide if you will need insurance too. It is always important that you factor in accidents although chances are you won’t be in an accident. It is always better to be safe than be in one bad situation or worse. It is always advisable that you have you insurance intact from the time you sat in that car to the time that you bring it back.

When it comes to the amount of insurance that you should buy, ask the guy that is not trying to sell it you. If you already have a health insurance, there is no need for another personal accident insurance. For car owners with only limited liability insurance, it will be of little or no help should such person get involved in an accident while driving a rental car.

There are basically three categories of people when it comes to car renting insurance. Those who have their own car and have got full insurance coverage, they don’t need to purchase another insurance. There are also the travelers who have limited insurance coverage on their own cars. The last set of people are those who doesn’t have a car and therefore have got no insurance coverage at all. This last category of persons really needs to buy insurance once they are renting a car.

Another very important thing you must note is to avoid purchasing your insurance at the car renting office. You can decide to buy you insurance from anywhere but you should know that the most expensive is buying from a car rental agent.

  • Always make more than one reservation

It is far better to make car reservation with more than one car renting company while shopping. There is no law against the cancelling of a car rental service if you do that in advance. By booking two different reservations, you can always go for the better deal and forgo the one that didn’t work for you.

In fact, you can even book s much as you can all in the bid to get the best deal available. There is always a discount from the car rental companies for customers who pay in advance since they are less likely to cancel or not appearing at all.

  • Save money on gas or fuel

You can always make use of the AAA Daily fuel Gauge Report with its fuel-cost calculator to know exactly how much gas or fuel your rental car will consume during the course of your trip. When you have known the cost, you can compare it with the pre-paid price that is offered at the car renting agency. You also need to be sure that the tires of the car you are renting have good air pressure before renting it.

Things to Check Before Renting a Car

It doesn’t matter whether you have been in the car renting business; there are certain things you should check before renting a car. Such important considerations include the following:

  • Make sure you have your paper work in order

One of the most painful experiences you can have in your car renting process is to get there just to realize that you forgot your driver’s license or credit card. So, before going to the car renting office, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. You need to know that most the car renting companies will require your valid credit card as an assurance in order to cover for charges like parking tickets, traffic violations, etc. some car renting companies also accept cash deposit in place of a credit card.

  • Check the exterior of the car

It is very imperative that you meticulously inspect the car you want to rent so as to avoid paying for another person’s action. Even if you are in a hurry to get to your destination, it is advisable that you make out time to really check the car to avoid any regrets later.

  • Acclimatize yourself with the car

This is very important as most people make the mistake of zooming off with car immediately they finished with the paperwork. Immediately you are done with the paperwork, familiarize yourself with the rental vehicle. The odds are your rented car will be different from the cars you have been driving in times past, so get to understand the car before you zoom off with it.

  • Make sure you know where you are going

You need to have a concrete travel plan before renting a car. Doing so will help you to plan and budget your time very well. Don’t assume the location is small if you have not seen it in the first place because lots of things might carry your attention.  As obtainable in any environment, the locals always have the little secrets to the town you are visiting.

  • Always ask the type of fuel your rental car uses

Don’t ever assume that your rental car runs on a particular type of fuel. You need to ask the car renting agent the type of fuel that the car uses. If you fail to be sure of this, chances are you will have to pay double the fuel cost when you leave the tank empty.

  • Make sure you return the car in time

Mostly during the peak of the season, car renting companies run on a very tight schedule. If you fail to return car in time, odds are you will have to pay for the delay which might be up to one full rental day. There might be other extra charges should you fail to inform the car renting agency of the development.

  • Be careful with the car

It is very important for you to handle rental cars with utmost care. You don’t have to take the car for a desert cruise or a safari exercise. You should always make sure you drive the car on the road as taking it off the road is a direct breach of your rental agreement. Should there be any accident or damage incurred while in breach of the rental agreement, it is not covered by insurance.

  • Take note of where you park your rented car

Whenever you are about renting a car, always ask the car renting agent about the parking regulations in the city. This will help you to avoid paying a fine for parking in the wrong space. To avoid such loss of money, you need to inquire beforehand so that there will be no surprises.

How to Get Cheap Car Renting Services

In your quest to rent a car for cheap, timing is very essential to achieving your goal. Below are some of the little tricks you may never know existed to help you rent cheap cars.

  • Consider the less popular car renting sites

When seeking out for cheap car renting services, try to avoid the major renting companies. Go for the lesser-known sites s they would be trying to please customers by placing their rates at the cheap. So, instead of trooping to that well-known site, why not try out the lesser ones and see what it holds in store for you. You can always check out these sites as well as compare their prices on for no charge at all.

  • Stay away from certain insurance deals

With your credit, personal car insurance, travel insurance, or health insurance, you rented car may also be covered. Before buying another insurance to cover your rented car, make findings to know whether the car is covered by your own insurance. Some of these car renting agents may come with some insurance potholes, try not to fall for them. This will be a very good way to save money while renting a car. When you have found out that your insurance does not cover the rented car, then you can purchase a new one for the car.

  • You can go for the economy cars

These economy cars are always the cheapest to rent according to Brett Graff, a family finance expert and author of the column called The Home Economist. I am not saying you should inconvenience yourself all in the name of cheap rental. The economy cars are simply an option to help you save some cash. If it is not your thing, then let it go and consider other things here.

  • You can always let go of the extras

Most of the car renting costs are as a result the extras like insurance, roadside assistance, satellite radio and GPS navigation. In order to save money on car renting, you can always avoid some of these extras.

  • Stay away from prepaid gas

It is advisable that you skip the prepaid fuel services of the car rental company. In my experience, these car renting companies often offer very high and competitive fuel rates. Before renting your car, do your research to know the nearby gas stations and their current fuel prices. This will help you to compare the two prices and go for the better deal available.

Security Tips You Must Know When Renting a Car

It is very imperative that you put the issue of security as a priority when renting a car. There are certain things you need to know so as to be safe while driving your rented car. These security tips include:

  • Make sure the car have security features

You should always inquire from your car renting agent about the security and other anti-theft devices of your rental car. It is important that the car renting agent demonstrates how such security features can be activated and also how they function.

  • Do not leave your keys in the car

No matter how fast you want to be in handling a particular task, be it shopping or paying for fuel, never leave you car key in your car. It only takes a split second mistake for someone to steal your car and that’s it. So, you must always have your car keys on you at all times.

  • Be careful of where you park the car

You should never forget that you are using a rented car and probably in a foreign environment. It is advisable that you be very careful concerning where you park your car, most especially during the night. It is better to park your car in an environment with good lighting system as it would help to deter thieves.

  • Always close your car windows

You should never make the mistake of leaving your rental car window open. Although you may lock the doors, if you the windows are open then the locked door is of little or no significance. This is mostly witnessed during the summer as most people tend to do it in a way to always keep the interior of the car cool. This can be an avenue for thieves to unlock your rental car and do whatever they wish with it.

  • Double check your doors when you lock them

There are different settings for different cars, so don’t assume they are all the same. There are cars that can be locked by the use of a single button while others make use separate buttons. So, in order to be sure your rental car door is locked, you need to always double check. This is to avoid complacency and be certain your door is completely locked.

I really do hope you enjoy your ride at all times.

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