Canadian Visa Requirements For Nigerians: 2020 Complete Guide

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Canadian Visa Requirements For Nigerians: 2020 Complete Guide

I saw something on social media following the victory of President Buhari in the just concluded presidential elections. Some Nigerians were saying that if there is an option of going to the west and America for slavery, they would gladly take it instead of staying in the country. That says a lot about Nigeria and its current situation. Canada is one of those places Nigerians will rather be so we want to look at the Canadian visa requirements for Nigerians.


Do you know that every year; over 35 thousand people visit Canada to enjoy the plethora of things that the country has to offer? I don’t have the data for Nigerians but I’m sure it will be equally impressive. That is how impressive the country is why you should know the Canadian visa requirements.

There is no need to start talking about the developmental differences between Canada and Nigeria because they are just too many. Well, there are many reasons Nigerians would want to visit Canada and they are all because of the acquisition of a better life.

The country already has a good number of Nigerians living there and many of them are students.

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For this piece, Canadian visa requirements for Nigerians, we will look briefly at the overview of the country, the types of Canadian visas that Nigerians can process and finally, how to process the visa. It is our desire to make your desire to visit Canada something attainable and easier after going through this piece.

It is actually up to you to stay or leave the country but since we are already aware of what you did like to do, we can as well contribute to making it a success for you so that you don’t go through the wrong channels. So many people that went through the wrong channels are dead today. The annoying part is that so many of them were used to feed the fishes in the sea.


Canada Visa Application and Guide

Overview Of Canada (All you need to know about the country)

Canada is sited in the northern part of North America. It is the second largest country by total areas because it covers 9.8 million square kilometers which can be converted to mean 3.85 million square miles. The longest bi-national land border is Canada’s border with the United States.

The name of the capital of Canada is called Ottawa and it has Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal as its three largest metropolitan cities. It has four different seasons with varying climate; hot summers in the south and arctic weather in the northern region. The country is sparsely populated so most of its land area is dominated tundra and forest.

Canada practices parliamentary democracy. More so, it operates a constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. It is one of the bilingual countries at the federal level in the world. It belongs to the commonwealth of nations and it is also part of La Francophonie.


In Canada, you will find civil liberty, government transparency, economic freedom and high level of education. Little wonder many Nigerians are trouping to the country to live and to study. It is a country that is above Nigeria in many aspects.

Over the years, it has experienced a high level of migration which has led it to become a multicultural country and an ethnically diverse nation. The country also exports and even harbors a plethora of intellectual capital and natural resources that can only be compared to other countries.

The country is developed economically. Well, this should not come as a surprise as its long relationship with the United States has paid off. It is the fifteenth largest country in terms of nominal per capita income (PCI) in the world. They are also ranked high (12th) in the Human Development Index and finally, they are ranked 10th in the world in terms of advanced economy.


As it should, it belongs to many international organizations such as the UN, NATO, The G7 and others. The country is an influential member of the Commonwealth and it is playing a forefront role in the other organization of countries that speak French called La Francophonie. We already talked about them given that Canada is bilingual at the federal level.

When the United Nations (UN) was formed, they played a leading role in its formation and they have remained active in the organization till date. The country is also part of the Organization of American states which signed a free trade agreement with the US in 1989. They were also part of the North America Free Trade Agreement which superseded the pact of 1989.


When the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was formed in 1961 was formed, they were part of it. So, Canada does not shy away from international politics and they are always very alert to international issues.

You can see that Canada is a country with a great pedigree and a higher level of acceptability when compared to other countries in the West and America. It is a relatively more peaceful country and that is why many Nigerians are struggling to get there and that is why we are writing this piece on the Canadian visa requirements so that you can be ready.

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Well, let us look at the kind of visas you can process to get to Canada and what they entail.


The Types Of Canadian Visa for Nigerians

The following are the types of Canadian visa for Nigerians

  • Student Visa
  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa

We will look at them and understand the requirements for each visa type.

Student Visa

I believe you know what the student visa or studies visa is all about. It is that visa that people (Nigerians) who want to study in Canada must access before they will be eligible to study there. I believe it is quite self-explanatory.

How To Apply For Canadian Visa

The documents needed to apply for this visa permit include:

A valid proof of acceptance
The proof of acceptance will be sent to you from the school that you plan to become their student. They have to admit you first and send the letter showing that you have been accepted or admitted to their school before you can start processing your visa.


It doesn’t matter the stage of education you want to attain there; primary, secondary, university or post-graduate studies, they must send the acceptance letter down to you. When you visit the embassy, include the original of that acceptance letter with your application letter when you visit the embassy.

The proof of your identity
The embassy will want to identify you so you must come with proof of identity. The standard is usually the following two items;

A passport that is valid or any valid travel document for you and anybody that will be accompanying you if they exist. The passport must, as a matter of fact, allow you to return to the country that issued it.

You will also provide two passport-size photographs of you and of everybody that will accompany you if there are any.


  • You have to be financially stable so you must provide proof of your financial support
  • There has to be proof that you can comfortably support yourself and anybody accompanying you to Canada. You will need to show the following to ensure that;

If money has been transferred to Canada, you must provide proof of a Canadian bank account.

If there is a student loan, you will provide proof of the loan from a reliable financial institution.

  • Bank statements for at least the past four months.
  • A bank draft (in convertible currency).
    They will need proof of accommodation and tuition fees payment
  • A good proof or letter from anybody or institution that is providing you with the funds.
  • If there is a scholarship from Canada, you will provide proof of funding paid from within the country.
    A letter explaining your intention

Generally speaking, the study permit will cost $150 while the biometrics fee will take about $85. You can get more information on Canadian visa requirements for studies here.


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Business Visa

The business visa is issued to you if you want to enter Canada temporarily to invest, look for new business relationships or search out ways to increase your business empire. You must provide the following items or documents;

  • Proof that you plan to stay for less than six months.
  • Proof that you will not enter the Canadian labor market.
  • Proof that your place of business, income source and profit is outside Canada.
  • Proof of the documents that support your application.
  • Proof that the basic requirements of entry into Canada are met by you.
  • Evidence of valid travel document (your passport will suffice).
  • Evidence of your financial support for the duration of your stay and return to Nigeria
  • Evidence of financial support of your sponsor if you are being sponsored.
  • Proof of your purpose of travel.
  • Evidence of your invitation letter if you are been invited by someone to Canada.
  • Proof of a relationship if it is applicable.
  • Proof of the plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit.
  • Proof that you pose no security and health risk to Canadians.
  • The visa office could, after reviewing your application, ask for more items such as;

Proof of medical fitness
You may be needed to carry out a medical exam which may actually delay your visa because you will need an appointment and the doctor takes some time to send your result to citizenship and immigration Canada.


Police certificate is also part of the Canadian visa requirement for business visa.

The embassy may want you to provide evidence of police certificate for your family members who will come to Canada with you and are above 18 years and yourself. You will be contacted if this is needed. You can check here for more information on this.


If it is decided by a visa officer that it is necessary to interview you, you will be contacted and given the time and venue. In most cases though, interviews are not granted.

If your visa application is granted, it will be stamped inside the passport and you are good to go. You can visit this link for more information on Canadian visa requirements for business visa and for Nigerians.


Tourist Visa

If you want to go to Canada for sightseeing, vacation or holidays, the visa you will apply for is the Tourism visa. The following are the Canadian visa requirements for tourism visa.

You will have to provide evidence of your financial support. Here is the guide on what you will bring;

  • You will need your bank statement for the at least, the past four months
  • Pay stubs
  • If there is a bank draft, it has to be in convertible currency
  • Letter of employment
  • Proof of the business you do or assets that you have
  • Report of your tax, tax declarations or statements
  • If there is a person or an institution providing the money, you will have to bring a letter from the institution or person.
  • You will provide proof of identity and your passport will suffice. Here is what is needed;

That page that shows your country of origin, date of birth and any other vital information.


The pages that show visas, stamps or markings.

  • When applicable, you will show evidence of financial resources of supporter and here are the necessary things that you will provide;

The sponsor’s bank statements for the last four months

The person’s bank draft in convertible currency

Pay stubs of sponsor

An employment letter of the supporter

Proof of business or assets

Sponsor’s tax statements, reports or declarations

A letter from the person or institution providing the sponsor with the money

You may need to provide evidence of relationship.

Below is the guide on what to provide

    • Marriage certificate is essential
    • You will also provide the Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union
      Certificate of birth
    • A document (official) that names you as parent
    • When applicable, you will provide the inside back cover of whoever is inviting you showing the relationship.
  • The purpose of travel should be provided and here are the necessary things under that one;

Proof of medical appointment if necessary


Travel itinerary which refers to places you will visit and where you will stay should be provided

The flight ticket that takes you out of Canada

Information about your family will be needed too.

Evidence of the invitation should be provided if you were invited. Here is the guide on what to do;

The invitation letter must be written by the host and must contain very specific information about the invitee and the host

The purpose of the visit and the duration of the visit must all be stated in the letter. More so, it will need to state the kind of relationship between you and the host as well as containing the contact information of the host.

If the invitation is to conduct business in Canada, the invitation letter must be printed on the letter headed paper of the company and it should include the following;


The full name of the host, their title ad their business contact information

A very brief summary of why you were invited and it has to contain the details of whatever business that will be undertaken

If you are not the only one that is invited, it should also contain the full name of all the employees from your company that are also invited

The duration of your stay and the details of your itinerary

Statement of who takes care of the expense that are travel related

  • Your travel history is also needed and here is what you will provide;

Information on your valid visa from Canada must be provided

Your previous visas and/or passports that you have used to travel outside Nigeria in the last 10 years


Your entry and exit stamps

Your work permits and/or your permits that shows the duration you have stayed outside Nigeria

Your expired or valid visas

The boarding passes you used for your previous journeys

You can visit this link for more information on Canadian visa requirements for tourist visas.

Transit Visa

The Transit visa is a temporary (non immigrant) visa that allows you to pass through the Canadian when you are visiting another country. It does not allow you to stay in the country so you will need another kind of visa if you wish to stay in Canada.

The requirements for the Canadian Visa requirements for Nigerians (transit visa) are as follows;

  • A fully and well-completed transit visa application for Canada plus essential declaration
  • You will need photographs (passport sized)
    National passport (Valid one) and one copy of it
  • You will also provide a valid visa if you are a citizen of another country and one copy of it
  • Original and photocopy of your bank statement
  • The original and photocopy of the confirmation of your travel insurance for Canada
  • Business reference
  • A good Proof of group travel
  • Proof of reservation of accommodation in Canada
  • The proof of reserving your airline ticket for Canada
  • If you are travelling to another country, you will need to show the Canadian embassy the above-listed requirements.



Our advice is that it will be less stressful and faster to employ the services of travel agents when you want to go to Canada or any other country for any reason. They have a better understanding of the way the embassies work and they can provide better itineraries given their wealth of experience.

However, if you think you have the time, you can follow this guide and you will process your visa without many troubles. All you will need to do is provide them with the information they seek.

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