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The advances in technology, as well as giving benefits, are also capable of limiting them which is the Guerilla Coin it uses blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been tracked of a strong attack because a large amount of capital is handled.

Many times this capital that has excellent flow in the blockchain through Bitcoin is usually part of illegitimate money or money laundering; that is where the need arises for financial entities to monitor said operations.

It all boils down to digital currencies and their operations being decentralized. However, it is complex when it comes to monitoring any money management since the participants’ data in the processes is not handled but rather the keys.

Privacy and the Internet

The internet has been characterized as a platform that allows people to interact where they often leave personal information to access the different applications offered by this virtual world.


Cyberspace protects each user’s private information, which has even been established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but is sometimes manipulated by government entities, private companies, and other institutional entities.

That is why it is vital to handle the information and transmit it correctly and promptly to avoid being victims of any unusual or dangerous situation.

The moment Bitcoin enters the digital financial system; its main objective is to be an alternative to traditional operations where coins are the primary source.

Specialists and connoisseurs of cryptocurrency usually indicate that Bitcoin and some digital currencies lack privacy because their operations are recorded in a single accounting book.

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Cryptocurrency monitoring

Due to the significant increase in users of cryptocurrencies and the high market capitalization, in addition to the amounts usually reflected in some operations, it activates the alarms of the control entities and the States.


There were computer engineers and specialists in the area who dedicated themselves to creating a specialized platform for tracking transactions and being able to verify the status of a cryptographic transaction somehow.

Unlike traditional currencies controlled by banking and financial entities, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, through their open and decentralized transaction ledger, allow interested parties to enter the network and consult without inconvenience.

The blockchain network was created for this purpose, giving way to new platforms known as Block explorers.

Learn to trade Bitcoin

Transparency in Bitcoin transactions is something that most users of traditional currencies are not used to since every one of the operations carried out from a specific address is automatically revealed.

Something that must be taken into account is that this information must be protected since there will always be that person who does not have good intentions. Some suggestions can be found in the Bitcoin-Prime trading system.


Suppose users must reveal their identity because they must receive some goods or official transactions. In that case, any person may have access to view the balances and transactions of a specific address.

One of the most common suggestions is that an entirely new address should be used every time an operation is performed. Achieving in some way misleads anyone who has malicious purposes.

Do not publish any password or address information if it is a company that will receive cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

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Another exciting aspect is that when carrying out operations with Bitcoin, the platform usually recognizes the IP address and stores it only later. However, it could be complex to find the source block since, among so many blocks generated in a given time, anyone could be considered the originating node of the transaction.


Bitcoin shows what a network of transparent transactions is, where no intermediaries can manipulate or control the data that is stored there; once an operation is executed, it is saved irreversibly.

Access is free, and you do not need any protocol to access it, a significant advantage over the traditional financial network.


Cryptocurrencies represent a technological feat for current finances where their users are solely responsible for the operations that are executed and for the protection of information, where many must be cautious.

Suppose there is something to be learned from the traditional financial system. In that case, it is the security and privacy with which the information is handled by users, where they even guard the data with great suspicion.


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