Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria

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Business blogs in Nigeria provide valuable business insights that can benefit you and bring about your self-improvement as a businessperson. Are there any business blogs you know about? Well, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you didn’t. Why?

Because, truly, as a Nigerian, once you hear the word ‘blog”, the first things that come to mind are entertainment gist and lifestyle talk. 

But entertainment and lifestyle blogs are not the only blogs there are. There are several other blogs that speak to different subjects, from health to technology, food to construction, and even business. So, yes, there are business blogs in Nigeria.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner in Nigeria? You need the business insights you can get from business blogs in Nigeria. Talk about improving yourself in every sphere as a businessperson—by reading everything you can get your hands on, from books to articles, then success becomes a must. Sincerely speaking, you can never run out of options when it comes to self-improvement.

What You Should Know About Reading


Reading is one habit every businessperson must imbibe. But this doesn’t mean you need to become a bookworm per se. You just need to read a book today, and an article every other day to build the advantage you ought to have in your business.

You have not cultivated the reading habit yet? 

Don’t worry, you can start by reading articles on business blogs in Nigeria to increase your reading stamina so you can read large books soon.

However, you must have this in mind as you develop your reading culture; it will keep you motivated.

No matter where you are on the business spectrum—’ read my lips’—growing your business becomes easier when you read

When you read business blogs, you’ll come across marketing secrets and advice on business strategies that can take you to the next level. You will also be able to discover what necessary skills you need to develop, the great new business ideas you need to turn things around, and the required motivation to make the progress you desire.

So, are you considering starting an SME? By reading a business blog, you can get a clue about the various small businesses that work well in Nigeria. In the same vein, if you have an established business, and you are looking to weigh in on digital opportunities, it is possible to learn precise ways to develop a website for your business from a business blog.

These are just a few tidbits of information you can get just by reading business materials.

Why Should You Read Business Blogs as a Businessperson?

There are two basic reasons why you should read business blogs as a business person.

  1. To discover something new

Reading to learn something new is the primary reason why anyone would read in the first place. Every businessperson needs valuable information to scale up their business.

However, this invaluable information is always embedded as pages in a book or paragraphs in an article. What other option is there except to read to get it? Once you’ve read, you’ll begin to have new ideas to explore and a fresh perspective to gain clarity that will allow you to forge ahead and resolve complex business issues.

Several posts on business blogs can help you learn new things. From guides to how-to content, step-by-step processes, tutorial videos, and quick facts, these blog posts provide useful instructions for how to do things.

  1.  To stay current with trends in your industry.

Want to know where you can get detailed and prompt information about new viral trends in your business industry? Business blogs are the spaces for these gists.

Through the regular articles posted there, business owners can be kept abreast of the happenings in their industry, and they can learn how to navigate these trends to increase awareness and drive sales.

Now that you know why it is important to read business blogs as a businessperson, here is a list of the top 10 business blogs in Nigeria that you can visit to learn a thing or two. It has been organised in alphabetical order.


10 Business Blogs in Nigeria

1. AtlanticRide

AtlanticRide is a blog for business and career advice. It is one of the business blogs in Nigeria that serves business knowledge as engaging content that attracts readers with a variety of reading motivations. It is our very own blog. You are currently reading right now.

From topics on business to careers, insights, personal growth, and travel, AtlanticRide provides articles that appeal to multiple groups of blog readers, including entrepreneurs and business owners.

2. Business Blog for Entrepreneurs

Business Blog for Entrepreneurs is a business blog that provides in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from insurance to e-commerce, marketing, sales, product launches, finance, career business, technology, and social media use.

It is an online resource center with the necessary information for aspiring and established business owners alike.

3. Entrepreneurs. ng

Entrepreneurs. ng blog gives entrepreneurs the feel of being in a mini-business school. It is a Nigerian business blog that caters to a wide range of readers, from established business owners who want to scale their business to 9-5ers who wish to transition into entrepreneurship. 

In this business blog, you’ll find articles on virtually every aspect of a business, from funding opportunities to learning opportunities, and even published books that can help you develop as a business person. 

4. Insight. ng is a content publishing website with insightful posts on entrepreneurship, career, personal development, freelance, and digital trends. It is one of the business blogs in Nigeria committed to helping business owners become more productive in their field.

For a freelancer in Nigeria, can be a big help. There are different articles on the blog that expose you to the nuances of the freelancing business in Nigeria.

5. Naira metrics

Want to know more about corporate news and corporate stories, financial analysis, and updates on business industries in Nigeria? Nairametrics is the online platform to visit.

On Nairametrics, you can get timely information about recent events in the business industry in Nigeria; follow market trends; get macroeconomics news; and discover the outstanding profiles of business moguls who are making waves in their business field.

6. SME ToolKit

As the name implies, SMEtoolkit is a business blog that teaches people how to start businesses on their own with their articles. 

The SME Toolkit Blog provides a collection of articles regularly that inform on free online key business management, interactive tools, and training resources. It is indeed a toolkit for small business owners to build sustainable enterprises.

So, if you are looking for IT tools for your business growth, you should be in this space.

7. SME Business Information

As one of the business blogs in Nigeria, SME Business Information also has articles useful for starters in business and established business owners. But this time, with a unique perspective.

SME Business Information helps business owners connect with opportunities that work for business growth through their posts. Hence, they are a business blog which has become a major information gateway that links business owners with business opportunities.

8. StartTips Daily

Do you want to get some ideas for small business ventures? Reading StartTipsDaily can help with the inspiration you need.

How about knowing how to organise and structure your business plans? There are articles on StartTipsDaily that can walk you through what you should do.

This is one of the business blogs in Nigeria that provides tips to keep you motivated on your business journey and provides information about startup funding you can leverage. 

9. Strata

Strata is the Ultimate Guide for Young Entrepreneurs. It is a business blog that helps new starters in business build a successful enterprise.

Though a business blog that primarily curates articles about African entrepreneurs, there are still numerous articles and writeups that speak about the requirements to start a business and the available tools that foster growth.

In addition to this, Strata also provides useful information about how to obtain business loans in Nigeria. This is, of course, a very important aspect for businesses in Nigeria.

10. Venture Africa 

Venture Africa is a business blog that has championed career growth in various industries through its article posts. It is an online platform for news, analysis, and discussion about African business, policy, innovation, and lifestyle. 

Venture Africa has a Journal, a weekly series that documents people’s career transitions from one industry to another, especially into tech. If you are looking to transition into the tech industry and change your business career, these stories might serve as a source of motivation for you.

Read the Next Featured Article

Having seen the top 10 business blogs in Nigeria in our book, it’s time for you to visit any one of them and read the next featured article. Who knows, it might be just what you need to take the next step in your business journey. 

These business blogs are accessible and provide a wealth of information that can help you create the amazing business results you desire. They can also be useful for your self-development. 

Reading business blogs can help you build the advantage you ought to have in your business. It can also help you cultivate a reading habit. Remember, reading is one habit every businessperson must imbibe.

So, head on over to right now to read the next featured article! And begin reading in alphabetical order.

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