Bridgeton Season 2 (500 Summary)


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The picture is a perfect representation of the choice Anthony had to make regarding a life partner.

This season revolves around the enemy-to-love story between Kate and Viscount Anthony and the Featherintons. The plot centers on the eldest son of the Bridgeton family finding a good woman that will look after his large family and as such, he wasn’t looking for a love match.

After the queen selected the diamond of the season, he immediately swung to action to profess his love for the town’s most coveted jewel, Edwina. 

Before now, while on his morning horse riding, he met Kate, the sister of the season’s diamond, and they started off on the wrong footing. This was compounded by her perception of him as a womanizer and she want to shield Edwina from him.

Kate and her family came back to their town after a long while to find a suitable match for her younger sister but she herself doesn’t have the intention to marry. On seeing Anthony around her sister, Kate didn’t waste time showing her disapproval. But among all the suitors, Anthony won the young lady’s heart and once again the Bridgertons have another wedding to plan. 

But her dream of having a happily ever after was dashed by her elder sister Kate. If you have heard that there’s a thin line between love and hate and you think it’s a myth then this will be an eye opener. 

Kate and Anthony’s cat and dog relationship culminated to love. And no matter the effort they put to stay away from each other, they couldn’t resist the attraction between them.

They kept their little romance a secret, so as not to hurt Edwina, who is overly excited about marrying Anthony. But no secret can be kept forever and she decoded the attraction between Anthony and her sister just when she was about to make her marriage vows. Feeling betrayed, she called off the wedding.

On the other hand, in the Featherington house, there was fire on the mountain. Marina was pregnant out of wedlock and Mrs. Featherington will not hear of it. She tried her best to marry her off to any willing old man but the young girl declined and was bent on finding her own match since her boyfriend who’s an army officer was not forthcoming as promised.

Being a smart beautiful lady, she worked her charm on the youngest son of the Bridgeton family and secures a marriage proposal from him to the dismay of his family and her friend Penelope. 

Penelope wasn’t happy that her crush will be tricked into marrying a woman with a child.  So she welded her power by publishing it the next morning. This led to the end of that relationship. But she was lucky to receive a marriage proposal from Philip, her boyfriend’s brother who inform her of his demise and his late brother’s request to provide Marina with security so she became his wife.

At the end of this season, love prevailed. Anthony and Kate got married and the whole family lived happily ever after.


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