Blocked IP Address-What does it mean?


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TechTarget defines an IP address as a number that “identifies a computer network” on the Internet. This identification is necessary for routing packets across hundreds of thousands of hosts using the Internet Protocol (IP).

You may have noticed that when you access some websites, you get logged out automatically. That’s because the website administrator probably blocked your IP address temporarily or even permanently. Your IP address can be blocked or unblocked on the internet. Let’s talk about what an IP address is.

The Internet Protocol is your computer’s address on the internet. It transmits data between devices on a network. An IP address is a long string of alphanumerics, separated by dots, that identifies your computer on the Internet.

However, this does not mean that you will always have your IP address visible to the rest of the world. Just like you hide your home address from strangers, a firewall will hide the information about your IP address. 

The firewall will keep you protected from malicious devices on the internet who want to steal your identity or steal information from you without your knowledge. If you get blocked from the internet, it can be frustrating and difficult to know your IP address.

What Does Blocked IP Mean?

IP address blocking is a security feature that stops a connection between a particular collection of IP addresses and a mail, web, or Internet server. Usually, this is done to prevent any undesired hosts and sites from accessing the server or node and harming the network or specific devices. It is a way of blocking internet users’ access based on geolocation and IP reputation.

Blocked IP

Blocking IP addresses is frequently used to restrict network access or as a security measure against hackers and DDoS assaults. However, it has also been used to limit internet users’ access to particular web content and services.

With that being said, IP blocking is a useful security tool for networks and your internet connection. Blocking prevents a network from accessing or receiving unwanted traffic from the Internet and keeps your connection secure. The IP blocker must however be able to distinguish between wanted and unwanted connections.

How does blocked IP work?


IP blocking functions by focusing on particular IP addresses or ranges that an Internet Service Provider, website or service wants to ban. This is done through the firewall most time.

When connected devices attempt to contact a web server, such as a webpage, their IP addresses are compared to the blocklist. The firewall blocks access to a specific device if an IP number matches one of the banned addresses.

Basically, blocked IP addresses are normally set in a DynDNS or dynamic DNS system so they can be reached by a custom hostname.

How to know if your IP is blocked

Blocked IP usually occurs because of their malicious activity, reputation for spamming, or mass emailing. MXToolbox and are tools you use to check if your IP or domain name is against known blocklists. These tools can help you to see if your site has been placed on one. 

Blocked IP address
When your IP address is blocked on certain sites, you may see a message like this on your screen when you try to access the site.

There are also various websites available where you can check your IP address or domain against lots of different blocklists and whitelists, such as DNSWL.


IP address blocking is a useful security tool for networks and your internet connection. Blocking prevents a network from accessing or receiving unwanted traffic from the Internet and keeps your connection secure. If you realize that your IP has been blocked, be sure not to panic and see how to unblock your IP.


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