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A top choice when it comes to casino games, Roulette and its mechanisms may seem intricate to a novice. However, experienced players and professionals have developed several techniques to improve the winning odds, and we’ll teach you how they work step-by-step.


Winning Guidelines: The 6 Greatest Roulette Strategies

Whether you’re a fan of online gambling or land-based casino play, you already know that Roulette games require the player’s full attention.

However, this may not be enough. Roulette can become overwhelming even for a knowledgeable player, so having a few well-thought strategies at hand can drastically enhance your focus and motivation.

If you want to improve your winnings odds at Roulette, here is what you can use:

Martingale Roulette Strategy

One of the most commonly used systems in casino gameplay, the Martingale Roulette Strategy, is quite easy to understand.

Essentially, the player doubles their bet after each loss so that they can recover their lost funds once they finally win. This enables the player to start betting their initial amount again.

The highlights of this strategy are as follows:

  • It involves even bets, as you have a 50/50 chance of winning;
  • After each bet you win, the next one should consist of your initial betting amount;
  • As the outcome is always random, you may face a significant loss at the end of the game instead of a high win;
  • Roulette tables normally have maximum bet limits. Once you reach them, you will have to decrease your bet amount and lose funds;
  • Despite its disadvantages, you still have an improved chance of winning if you don’t bet more than you can afford.
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Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Similar to the previous system, the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy involves increasing your bets until winning.

Some of this strategy’s characteristics are:

  • The bets must be increased according to the renowned Fibonacci sequence, meaning that each bet amount equals the sum of the last two bets;
  • After winning, players must move down two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence to set the sum of the next bet;
  • It is only applicable to even-money wagers;
  • If it isn’t used during long streaks, the strategy can be regarded as safe. Otherwise, it may lead to significant losses.

Romanosky Roulette Strategy

Involving several types of bets, the Romanosky Roulette Strategy’s purpose is to cover most of the table to reduce your loss risk.

  • You can use this technique only at tables with one zero;
  • Since it requires bet combinations, it is usually played by high-rollers;
  • It usually takes one round for the strategy to work, but you can use it during multiple rounds;
  • Essentially, you must cover 32 numbers using bets of 8 total units, leaving only five uncovered.

As indicated by a recent analysis of this technique, it mainly involves six types of Romanosky bets:

  • Bet 1: Gather eight units (three on dozen two, three on dozen three, one on the 2-6 and 7-11 corners);
  • Bet 2: Similar to Bet 1, but you must cover the 1-5 and 8-12 corners;
  • Bet 3: Three units on the first dozen, three units on dozen three, one unit on the 14-18 and 19-23 corners;
  • Bet 4: Similar to Bet 3, but you must cover the 13-17 and 20-24 corners;
  • Bet 5: Three units on dozens one and two, two units on the 26-30 and 31-35 corners;
  • Bet 6: Similar to Bet 5, but you must cover the 25-29 and 32-36 corners.
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Paroli Roulette Strategy

  • You must first wager one unit on an even-money outcome;
  • This is now your base wager: if you lose, you must wager one unit again;
  • If you win, you must double up the stakes for the next bet;
  • Once you have managed to win three times consecutively, you must start betting your base wager again;
  • As with most popular Roulette strategies, the Paroli system may lead to significant losses during long streaks. This is particularly applicable to players who bet more than they can afford.

Roulette enjoyers who play the Paroli Strategy aim to obtain three consecutive wins through positive betting progression.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

Players who use the James Bond Roulette Strategy want to cover as many possible outcomes as possible to obtain a high payout.

Since this system can make you either obtain or lose high amounts of money, it is recommended to walk away once you have scored a win.

It’s useful to know the following:

  • Most Roulette enjoyers play C$200 on the first spin, but it isn’t mandatory to do so;
  • Your preferred starting sum must be split across three distinct bets;
  • Each time you lose, you must double your bet, as is the case with the Martingale Roulette Strategy;
  • In contrast with the Martingale strategy, though, the James Bond roulette system isn’t exclusively used on even-money bets;
  • The chances of winning exceed 60%.
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Regardless of the Roulette strategy you choose, it’s essential to remember that winning is not guaranteed.

Since you cannot beat the house edge either, the main things you can do to have an enjoyable experience are wise budget management and plenty of research.


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