Best Real Estate Companies In Australia.

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Australia continues to remain popular as a destination for property buyers, from every walks of life.

In this guide, you will get introduced to the best real estate companies in Australia, and as well know how to connect with them. If you are aspiring to get a property in Australia, you need to be sure you are dealing with a credible real estate agent, before you work with them.

How to Identify A Real Estate Agent?

Best Real Estate Companies In Australia.

When it comes to buying and selling property, it’s not a small deal, it requires making deep research about the person or company you want to deal with. However, it’s also a stepping stone to financial fortune.

Considering the large numbers of real estate agents out there, it could be quite convincing on how to identify a real one. If you want to identify a real house agent, the tips below will guide you, and will also ensure that you hire a professional real house agent.

  • Dialogue with at least three real estate companies in Australia
  • Ask them to present their past projects
  • Ask for references and check them.
  • Go with your gut
  • Take a close look at your contract
  • Discuss with a lender before you hire a real estate agent
  • Get a referral from your network.

1. Discuss with A Lender Before You Hire A Real Estate Agent.


Experts always recommend that you discuss with a lender first, and know how much you can afford, before going into a business with them.

2. Get Referral From your Network

Ask people around you, If there are any real estate companies in Australia they have worked with that delivers a good job, this could be your family, friends, or relative. This is because you will prefer to work with an experienced agent, who already knows about the business.

For a more confidential job, it’s required that you get the service of real estate companies in Australia who have a capital R. This is to prove that such an agent has agreed to the rules and conduct of the group and is ready to always abide by it. In addition to this, it also shows that they have undergone certain training to make them a qualified real house agent, such training include.

  • Certified Residential Specialist: This ascertains that such an agent has undergone training in handling estate management.
  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative: This also proves that such an agent has sworn to represent buyers in transactions appropriately and adequately.
  • Senior Real Estate Specialist: This shows that the estate agent has completed training, to help buyers who are above the age of 50, transact appropriately.

3. Research Potential Credential


Another good step to take to ensure that you aren’t dealing with a fake real house agent is to start examining their online presence. Start by checking their website, their record. One or two bad reviews do not sign them to be fake, it could be the work of their competitor, rather focus on what they have completed.

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Furthermore, consult your real estate agent regulator, and check if the real estate agent you are dealing with is a licensed one, and has not been involved in any disciplinary actions.

4. Interview At Least Three Real House Agent

This is an opportunity for you to discover a true real house agent. Obviously, your main aim is to get a real house agent, who has good experience and is completely reasonable.

According to Kathrine, she says “check how professional and polished their proposals look” This indicates that, if they can put adequate effort into their presentation, they will do the same to the project you hand over to them, as your main aim is to get someone who is very competent.


In your interview with them, you will also be able to decipher how timely the agents are to handle your project at due time, you will also be able to know their preferred method of communication.

If you are someone who loves, texting and home visiting by someone handline your project, you will prefer to get an agent, who will be happy to do such a thing.

5. Request References and Check Them

Before dealing with any real estate agent, ask them to show you their recent projects and the clients they dealt with. Request for the client’s details, and call them, to know about how well they will execute their project, and how time-efficient they are. Also, ask those clients if they are still willing to deal with the agents if they have any further projects to execute in the future.

This will help you decide on whether you should hire a real estate agent or not.

6. Go With Your Guts

You must go with an agent that will be able to handle your project professionally. Don’t hire a real estate agent because they are referred by family members, church members, relatives, or friends. Rather go with your gut, and hire an agent, who is professional enough, to do a professional job.


Sometimes, it may seem like dating and then come down to chemistry. This statement was stated by Herman Chan, an associate with a real estate agent contractor in California.

This simply means if everything works out, the real estate agent, has everything that you require, but you don’t seem to flow well with the person, it’s advisable you don’t deal with them. There are tons of real estate agents out there, who will be happy if you hand over a project to them, and would have a better personality. Don’t deal with someone, you don’t seem to be happy with.

7. Take A Close Look At Your Contract

How to Identify A Real Estate Agent?

Your contract should contain all the terms and conditions attached to the project, which also includes the agent commission. According to the conduct of real estate agents in Australia, the seller is expected to pay 6 percent of the sales price of the home, to the real estate agent company. Also, the commission is a bit negotiable, however, it doesn’t go below 6 percent commission.


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Also, another considerable fact to look at, is the length of the project. It’s best advisable that you look for a contract that doesn’t exceed six months. However, according to NAR, it could take up to 6 months to sell a house in a competitive market. If after a month, your agent hasn’t been able to find a buyer for your house, it’s advisable to switch to another agent. And it’s best for you to always keep your options open, if it’s taking a longer time, and you are still yet to get a buyer for that property.


Furthermore, much professionalism is required when dealing with a real estate agent, as there are some things, which you are not expected to discuss with a real estate agent. For this purpose, we shall put you through the required process, to ensure you get the best result, in your dealings with a real estate agent.


Things you shouldn’t Discuss with A Real Estate Agent

You are expected to deal with a house agent you have a good rapport with. You should connect with a real estate agent that is honest and devoted to his profession. However, according to experts, there are some things you are expected not to discuss with your agents.

Best Real Estate Companies In Australia

This can include and is not limited to, sensitive details. It could also encompass your financial details. It’s expected that any real estate agent should be trusted and confidential. However, if your financial details are revealed to agents, they may take advantage of this, and attach a high commission to the deal.

For this purpose, you are expected to think and act smartly while dealing with an agent. For example, if you’d like to buy a house in Augusta County, you could also check out eXp Realty for tips, advice, and recommendations.

Read these tips on what you are expected not to discuss with a house agent.

The right kind of communication


First and foremost, bear in mind that a real estate agent is in your corner. For this purpose, it’s expected you have the right kind of communication with your agents.

You should see your agent, as a lawyer who is fighting on your side”

Your agent will be able to find a property that fits your need, or connect you with the right potential buyer, once good communication is established between you and your agent. This will also cut away unnecessary time and money. In addition to this, potential buyers will love to make characteristics they want in the property they want to be known to their agents. This can only be established via the right communication.

Remember, it’s the duty of your client to protect your interest, and make sure you get the best result. Concerning this, be free to discuss budgets with your clients.

Topics to avoid, 1: Your Ceiling.

No matter how confidential and close you are to your agents, there are some things you are still expected not to discuss with your agents.


One of the topics you should avoid discussing with your agent is how much you are willing to pay. This is because, if you take the price too high, your agent won’t stop you, neither will he advise you to reduce your offer. And also, If you take the offer too low, your agent and the seller will think you aren’t serious about the deal yet, and won’t take you seriously.

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For instance, if a property costs $500,000, and because you so much love the property, you instantly declare that you are willing to pay $600,000 for the property. You may end up paying that exact amount of money, or an amount higher than that because your agent won’t advise you to bring down your offer.

For this purpose, if you boldly declare the amount you are willing to pay, this may backfire on you.

There are some instances, where your agents will start showing you a property that is way above your budget, or at a time when you aren’t ready to transact yet. In such instances, fire your agent. They aren’t working in your interest.


Nevertheless, you are expected to make a budget of how much you are willing to spend on a property, so you don’t spend above that. This way, even the seller and the agent won’t have an idea of how much you are willing to offer.

Topic 2 To Avoid: Personally sensitive information;

It’s quite understandable that it’s normal for you to discuss and be free with your agent. However, this does not boil down to disclosing sensitive information that is not needed by your agent.

According to rosy, there are three things you should avoid discussing with your agents, they include.

  • Your Income: Agents are not expected to know your income. However, they may have an idea of how much you want to borrow.
  • How much you have in your bank account: Your agents are not expected to know how much you have in your account. Your lender may be able to know this if it’s necessary.
  • Your personal and professional relationship: Your client is not expected to have any idea about this.

Also, most agents may pay no attention to your financial state, nevertheless, some may still come back using this against you, for this purpose, it’s best advisable for you to keep shut.


Topic 3 To avoid: Avoid pressure situations.

Do not discuss scenarios like divorce, or necessitate a deadline for a property to be sold to your agent. They use this against you to bring a seller that will only offer you a little amount of money for that property.

Best Real Estate Companies In Australia.

Finally, to ensure you get the best of service. Below, are the top 10 best real estate companies in Australia.

  1. Ray White
  2. RE/MAX
  3. Harcourts
  4. Century 21
  5. LJ Hooker
  6. Raine And Horne
  7. Barry plant real estate agent
  8. Phillips Pantzer Donnelley
  9. First National
  10. Methven profession

So far, the above are the best real estate companies in Australia.


We’ve listed the best real estate companies in Australia in this article. The listed companies are safe to have a transaction with. They are trusted and reliable.

We hope you can find the right information; you are looking for in this article. If yes, kindly share it with others.

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