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Securing the best place to sit at a hockey game is not a herculean task; it only requires specific ideas and info.

The seat to occupy during a hockey game depends on the type of fan you are and your purpose in the arena.

It might be considered excellent to watch a hockey game on your TV or mobile phone from the comfort of your home, but it has no stand compared to being in the arena.

So, the most important thing to do when visiting an arena to watch a hockey game is to decide the best spot for you to sit.

The perfect places to sit at a hockey game

There are thousands of seats in an arena, and some strategic places are considered the best to sit.

Arguably, getting the best seat depends on your budget, the type of view you want, the part of the game that interest you, and the experience you wish to get.

Regardless, this article will provide you with the 5 best places to sit in a hockey game to get the best view.

However, it should be noted that arenas are built with a different blueprint which might make the settings different from another.

Best places to sit at a hockey game

Nonetheless, this article will still guide you in choosing the best spot.

1. Sitting up against the glass

The first seating spot we will consider is the seat located up against the glass.

This seat is the perfect one to take to have the best game experience and enjoy the views as the game unfolds.

If you like to watch the game at a close range, don’t go for any other seat other than the seat up against the glass.

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From this seat, you will enjoy the goal, every big shot, get a close view of your favorite player, and more.

You never can tell; you can even get to interact with your favorite player from this seat.

That is to say, sitting up against the glass will give you a top-notch experience as you will feel the aura of the whole arena.

What’s more, there is a seat board in front of you to keep your drinks and snacks. There is an in-seat service too, although it comes with its expenses.

Lastly, the challenge faced while sitting up against the glass is the inability to see what happens on the other side of the rink.

If this bothers you, fret not; you can try another seat. How about that?

2. Sitting behind the net

Another ideal and perfect place to sit at a hockey game is the seat behind the net.
This seat affords you a great view of the puck, and you get to view the ice the same way a player or keeper sees it.

That is, you will get to view the puck as a player does. Interesting, isn’t it?
Sitting behind the net is undoubtedly a great choice. You will enjoy the game process and follow the game better.

You get to see clearly how the game proceeds from the defending end to the neutral line and then to the offensive line.

You get to see the movement of the players along with the puck.
In an instance where you have a favorite team, you can consider sitting at the side of the rink they will be shooting.

By that, you will get a full view of how their game develops, their passes, line changing, ice battles, and more.

The seat is affordable as long as you are not getting closer to the glass.
The major challenge here is that you won’t be able to see the other end of the rink. This is no issue.

3. Sitting in the suites or premium Club Seats.

While it is true that individuals have different wants and desires, the same is true for having the best place to sit at a hockey game.

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Some fanatics considered the suites the best option available for them simply because it has a relaxed and admirable serene.

The seat indeed keeps you away from the hockey actions, but the truth is that it affords comfort.

Sitting in the suites will keep you from dealing with too many people.

The suites provide easy access to food, snacks, drinks, a quiet and enjoyable place to watch the game, and even close to the toilets.

Different areas with different rules, but most arenas reserve this kind of seat for businesses or rich men who like to watch the game comfortably and undisturbed.

If you are the type who likes to flow with the actions and hits of the game, this seat is not for you. Moreover, the seats are pretty costly.

4. Sitting in the up rows of the lower bowl

The lower bowl of the arena is a great choice to sit at a hockey game to enjoy the best view and be included in the actions.

The lower bowl is the middle between the upper bowl and the ice level.

Seats in this place give you a clear and great view of the rink and keep you updated about the game hit.

Furthermore, sitting at a few rows up in the lower bowl will get you the best view and experience of the game actions.

You will be saved from the stress of getting too close to the ice.

You won’t be too far from the ice, which might make it difficult to see it, and you won’t be bothered to stress your eyes before seeing players’ names.

Moreover, the lower bowl presents you with choices about which side you prefer to sit on.

You could prefer a particular side, or you may decide to sit on the center ice and get a nice view of the whole ice.

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This is a perfect place to sit to enjoy a clear view of the game.

It might be costly sometimes, but not compared to the seat against the glass or the premium club.

5. Sitting in the front of the upper bowl

If you prefer to have a good view of the whole rink in one go without the need to turn your head right and left, the upper bowl is just for you.

From the front seat of the upper bowl, you get to view the gameplay without any obstruction or disturbance from other spectators.

You won’t be bothered by someone standing up or moving in and out of the arena getting in your way, or blocking your views.

Upper bowl seats are generally affordable, and you will undoubtedly get a view you will be happy with.

From this seat also, you are free to choose your preference; a particular side or center ice.


From the preceding, it is clear that the best place to sit at a hockey game depends on your choices and reason for attending the game arena.

Seats found in the arena are the preference of someone, so pick out your choice today and start enjoying your hockey game in peace.


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