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As an aspiring employee in the telecom sector, it’s advisable you know all the available best paying jobs in telecommunication equipment.

If not for anything, at least, to make the right and better choice. Hence, this article is going to run the show for you.

But before then, you must note that working in the telecommunication industry involves critical thinking and creativity. You also have to be familiar with computers and some computer programming languages.

Don’t worry, if you don’t already know computer programing languages, you can learn them here. The wonderful thing about this offer is that you can start your training for free, and commit when you are sure it’s worth it.

If you can’t handle communication-related problems and incorporate new technologies in a novel way, the industry is not for you.

Accordingly, it’s paramount that we briefly explain what Telecommunication equipment connotes before moving forward.

High paying jobs in Telecommunication equipment

What is telecommunication equipment?

Telecommunication equipment could be best explained to mean the hardware components used in the telecommunication industry for efficient results.

These hardware include transmission lines, satellite dish, multiplexers, base transceiver stations, and host of others.

It’s these equipments that make way for the transmission of audio, visual, and other information from one user to another.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunication Equipment

They are numerous high paying job opportunities in telecommunication equipment.

If you possess the skill sets required by the telecom equipment sector, you don’t have to worry about getting a job there.

These best paying career opportunities in the telecommunication industry are as follows:

1. Broadband Engineer

One of the top-paying jobs in telecom equipment is Broadband Engineer. This job opportunity is lucrative with lots of demands.

As a broadband engineer, it’s your responsibility to install, maintain, and repair telecoms networks.

Broadband engineers are usually saddled with the responsibility of making sure that the telecommunications link is functional.

Other roles and duties of broadband engineers are monitoring network activities, compiling, verifying acquired data, and many more.

With at least a degree certificate, broadband engineers’ annual salary payment is estimated to be worth $76,000.

2. Wireless Technician

Next on the list of best paying jobs in telecommunication equipment is Wireless Technician.

The wireless technicians or wireless communications technicians are tech support specialists that repair wireless devices.

It is the duty of a wireless technician to fix devices like PDAs, cellular phone, etc., in the telecommunication equipment sector.

More so, they build and maintain cell towers, develop wireless networks, software, and hardware repair, etc., are all part of their job activities.

On average, wireless technicians earn approximately $59,000 per year. Incredible, isn’t it?

3. Line installers

One of the most sought after best paying jobs in telecommunication equipment is the Line installer. They are known for laying new lines.

Additionally, line installers lay new lines by constructing towers, utility poles, as well as underground trenches.

All these are necessary to transport wires and cables to enhance the operation of communications devices like telephones, TVs, and other equipment.

Once the erection of towers, utility poles, etc., is completed, line installers mount and connect wires to them.

Other than these functions, they are also obliged to do the residential installation, and client consultation, among others.

Without much ado, line installation job opportunity in the telecommunication equipment demands strenuous labour.

So if you have a working understanding of telecommunications technology, this career job might be for you.

4. Fiber optics Technician

Similarly, the fiber optics technician is another career opportunity available at the Telecommunication equipment.

Usually, fiber optics are necessary for the easy conveyance of data for a wide variety of applications such as phones, cable television, the internet, etc.

Thus, the fiber optic professionals build new fiber optic cables and repair existing ones both in business as well as residential settings.

On this note, the major responsibility of finer optic technicians is to instal and maintain fiber optic networks.

Depending on the telecommunication company you work for, you may also be tasked with putting up other equipment like modems.

Having said that, a fiber optic technician estimated salaries for a whole year is calculated to be around $60,000.

5. Dish Network installer

This review of the best paying jobs in telecommunication equipment won’t be complete without mentioning Dish Network Installer.

Dish Network installers are responsible for setting up satellite equipment to aid the facility in receiving TV, the internet, and other satellite provided services.

Dish Network installers often help with the maintenance and repair of already installed dishes.

They equally organize dish installations with building managers so as to ensure that each computer system is connected to the newly established network.

Plus, they carry out other obligations like placing dishes in a commercial and high-traffic location when necessary.

Having a degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics may give you an edge over other applicants.

On an average, the yearly salary payment of dish network installer in most giant telecommunication equipment company is $55,000.

6. Data Architect

Without doubt, one of the most needed and the best paid jobs in the telecommunication equipment is Data architect.

They are saddled with the responsibility of providing database solution to corporate needs using efficient and reliable networks.

Data architects are also charge with data organization and storage. Hence, ensuring adequate security of those databases.

Dish Network installers are responsible for setting up satellite equipment to aid the facility in receiving TV, the internet, and other satellite-provided services. This is considering the fact that there works doesn’t require strength or physical labour.

7. Site reliability engineers

To become a site reliability engineer in the telecommunication equipment sector, you must be very vast in coding and application.

These engineers monitor application performance and create code like software developers hence, working as a developer and app production.

With this, site reliability engineer is position is one of the top paying career opportunities in telecom equipment, with a median salary of $123,250.

8. Satellite TV installer

The major or sole responsibility of Satellite TV installers is to set up satellite dishes for customers.

Here, you’ll be responsible for constructing and installing television cables, mount as well as configuring a satellite dish.

All this is to ensure each room that you are working on is correctly and well connected for TV access.

You can work indoors and outdoors depending on the conditions and your position. Typically, you may end up climbing the ladder with heavy equipments.

In a calendar year, satellite TV installers earn an estimated salary of $65,000 on average.


Without prejudice, it’s important you note that this industry is not for you if you can’t handle communication-related problems and incorporate new technologies in a novel way.

Among others, the aforementioned are, however, the best paying jobs in Telecommunication equipment.


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