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f you want to grow up fast and move past your worries quickly, you have to let this best of Young Dolph quotes resonate in your hearing.

Of course, there’s nothing that pleases the ear during hard times than words of encouragement.

Hence, we took our time to compile the best of Young Dolph quotes for you. Contain therein are inspirational quotes, success quotes, and more.

Best of Young Dolph Quotes

30 best of Young Dolph quotes

“I just like seeing people succeed, I like to see people have success.”

“Never wait on nobody. Go for what you know.”

“Been workin’ my whole life, but I ain’t never punched the clock.”

“With the streets in my rear view, I adopted a get-money attitude and hustler mentality early on, which helped me later on in life as I developed my career as a rapper.”

“As long as I keep going up and keep working, my value is going to increase.”

Young Dolph’s motivational quotes

“You give up time. At the end of the day that’s the only thing you can’t pay for, the thing you can’t get back. So you gotta learn to sacrifice that time to put [towards] something you trying to invest in.”

“While you’re waiting on even trying to do anything, try investing in yourself. Just try to keep going up and coming up with new things to do, being creative every day. Make this your life.”

“Have a good team. Let them do what they do and you do what you do. Have people around you that work and that will want to make you work even harder.”

Best of Young Dolph quotes about work and hustle.

“Don’t try to… go to work and try to go to the other job. And if you is gonna do other things on the side, make sure it’s like it’s only for the money just to support what you really want to do and you give it your all.”

“When I’m finished doing music or whatever, I want people to remember me as just being great.”

“Designer everythin’, every day on this paper chase. An extra $500k, put away just for a rainy day.”

“To be a hustler, it’s got to be in you. Everybody ain’t got it, even some people got it but don’t have it as much as others. And to be a hustler and to be a super hustler you gotta know how to deal with sacrifices. You learn how to make sacrifices; you learn to give things up to get into something you’re trying to get into.”

“I identify sooner with a hard-working person well beneath his tax bracket than a social climber piggybacking on other people’s exertion.”

Young Dolph’s motivational quotes

“Once you get up and you finally get across that line and you’ve got a brand to stand on, it’s going to be beneficial.”

“Every decision we make in life leads to a series of figurative doors. At each critical juncture you’re either securing your sht or you’re opening up doors to fck your sh*t up.”

“It’s always easier in retrospect to be confident in the decisions you’ve made if they actually worked out. Society admires risk-takers, but only the ones whose risks pay off.”

“I respect the hustle, because I live and breathe it. I believe that for those who work for it, opportunities will knock, doors will swing open, fears will be conquered, and risks will pay off.”

“You work, so I respect you. You don’t work, what can we do? We can’t relate.”

Young Dolph quotes about money.

“You focus on money, your life. It’s like you can only move a certain kind of way out here, to being on the streets, to working a job, to doing music—whatever you doing. You can only move one kind of way and if you don’t, it can hurt you, you can put a roof over your head, you can limit your chances. I don’t want to limit myself to doing nothing so that’s all that is.”

“All I care about is the dollar signs, the muthafckin’ check, that bag, you know what I’m saying? And my family. After that sht, everything else, that sh*t irrelevant to me.”

“Just ’cause my money keep runnin’ like Forrest Gump, I got nggas hate me like I’m Donald Trump. Where I’m from you don’t make it to see 21. That’s why all these young nggas ridin’ ’round with their gun. Front page newspaper, number one topic. N*ggas mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest.”

“I’m going to invest in my career. I’m a invest in my future. I’ll invest in little dude next to me just because I see something in him. I’m going to do anything that’s beneficial, that I see bringing my future to life. So that’s my money and my time.”

“Never downplay nobody. You could be like, ‘Ay, sh*t, there ain’t but seven dollars in my pocket right now.’ Who cares? ‘Cause guess what? An opportunity could come where you can have seven million tomorrow.”

“What I want people to take away from my music, man, is just how to take care of responsibilities, how to live life and enjoy life. You only get one shot at life, one life to live—make the most out of it. Put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces. Help as many people as you can. Get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks.”

“Get sh*t done. That’s what I admire more than anything, no matter the realm. People that know they gotta work every day, them the kinda people I respect. I respect people that build a career for themselves. I don’t give a damn if it’s a hustle that’s already big or you go to work at Kroger every day, the grocery store. Or you work at Walmart.”

“Ain’t none of this sh*t surprising me. I set it up.”

“You know, working with different artists, some people kinda get confused in trying to find their way, I stay true to myself.”

“I ain’t never wanted nothin’ in my whole life but some f*cking money. That’s all I ever wanted.”

“One year from today, I’ll be on another level. Having more, doing more—whole lot of everything, really. More dope music, bigger music, bigger records, more money, more success. When I talk about success, I don’t mean the music business, I just mean the people around me. When one of my partners has success, sh*t, I share his success like it’s mine.”


There are tons of wise sayings and quotations, but the best of Young Dolph quotes highlighted above are on another level.


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