7 Best Hotels in Abuja You don’t Know About

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It is difficult to identify the best hotels in Abuja, considering the enormous presence of hotels in Nigeria’s heart city. Moreover, if you attempt to choose a hotel in Abuja without information, you may likely opt for the least comforting hotel.

It is understandable that after journeying down to Abuja, a traveler wishes to rest in a fantastic ambiance. Not to worry, Abuja is home to topnotch hotels and this article introduces you to the best of the hotels in Abuja.

Several hotels have been assessed, and we have convincing data for each of them. We grade the hotels based on competence, security provision, modernity, level of patronage, accessibility, and most importantly, ‘comfort’.

Below are the top 7 hotels to lodge in Abuja.

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1. The Nordic Villa

The Traveler’s Choice

Every traveler wishes to bask in delight engulfed in bewilderment. Yes, the Nordic Villa is the Abuja hotel to be. Its serene ambiance triggers homeliness and expels suffocating smokes, thus, making way for green freshness.


The Nordic Villa is thoughtfully designed to accommodate adventurous minds. It features modernity, such you can refer to as “The Future”. Are you aware of the centurial Scandinavian lifestyle? Well, you probably have not. Nonetheless, one thing is certain; most hotels lack the aged or immemorial sensation governed by nature. Interestingly, that ancient way of living is made a reality at the Nordic Villa.

Lastly, regarding ‘spaciousness’, the Nordic Villa is the touchstone for several hotels in Abuja.

2. The Envoy

The Nigerian Home

Taking delight in the league of best hotels in Abuja, the Envoy hotel remains an indomitable merchant among Nigerian hotels. With regards to security, the Envoy makes you less tense at rest with its incorporated world-class security innovations.

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Would you be exploring Abuja for business reasons? Fortunately, the Envoy is surrounded by embassies and wealthy welcoming businesses. Moreover, it is a graceful lodge that houses famous business minds exploring Nigeria worldwide; needless to highlight the chances of meeting with positively impactful personalities.


Oh, you could make your tummy yummy with Larai Restaurant’s ever-ready contemporary fusion cuisine. Before you call off the day, feed your eyes on the contagious scenery that bounds the Envoy.

3. AlphaPlus Apartment 91

Where Adventurers Retire

Luxury without affordability and finesse is a waste of the traveler’s monetary resources. That said, AlphaPlus Apartment 91 is a luxurious home for all. It is an inexpensive way to breathe freshness and feel comfort like never before.

Elegance is what defines the best hotels in Abuja, Nigeria. However, the level of sophistication in AlphaPlus Apartment 91 is second to none. AlphaPlus Apartment 91 welcomes you to 30 luxuriously refined rooms, apartments, and suites. The crafting, furnishings, carpeting, and lightings are consistently fitted to make you feel better away from home.

Arriving as a group, then you have fantastic meeting facilities to pick from. Order for the best meals and make your lovely self feel at home. Indeed, AlphaPlus Apartment 91 is one, if not the best hotel in Abuja.


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4. Bon Hotel

Welcome to Luxuriously Spacious Rooms

BON Hotel, Abuja, is one of the top hotels with rooms large enough to accommodate a community. At BON Hotel, your sight is beautified by 20 stylish en-suite rooms stuffed with king-sized beds. Moreover, you have 4 enchanting lofts each designed with a bathroom and a downstairs lounge area. You do not miss updates with the free Wi-Fi accessibility from any ‘BON room’.

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You could bless your day at the tea/coffee making facilities after waking. Or, how about relaxing your eyes on the available satellite TV? During the eves of the day, do not forget to walk yourself around the BON hotel for a captivating and mind-relaxing sensation.

5. Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Booking Greatness

“Home sweet home”, they say. But, the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, is “gratifying”. Transcorp Hilton is a lofty hotel in the heart city of Nigeria. Every tourist, business traveler, explorer, etc. is not only finding a comfortable abode in Transcorp Hilton but an exceptional landscape.


The beauty of mother nature occasions Abuja hotels. Nonetheless, some hotels enjoy a more natural ambiance with less of man’s invention in place to ignite the beauty. Transcorp Hilton is one such hotel, and it keeps glowing by the day.

At Transcorp Hilton, you have the all-grandeur restaurant, an inspiring fitness center, an outdoor pool, a tennis court, and a few more service centers to mention. What dish do you most prefer? Permit Transcorp Hilton to please your foody desire.

6. Bolton White Hotel

A Crystal White Ambience

Regarding bounteous accommodation, Bolton White takes the lead. The hotel features 176 mind-blowing luxury bedrooms, en-suite self-catering rooms, tea/coffee facilities, live satellite TVs, non-smoking rooms on demand, and all you would expect from an ideal home.

Bolton White offers air-conditioned conference and banqueting facilities with a seating capacity of 160 to 200. These facilities are the best premium audiovisual equipment to adorn any gathering. Interestingly, equipping the conference and banqueting facilities are available on demand. So, you may not require them if you wish you cut costs. Meanwhile, a serene night is what defines the Bolton White hotel in Abuja. You may as well seek for a busy night at the lounge.


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7. Fraser Suites

Home Away from Home

Fraser Suites is a 5-star hotel in the heart city of Nigeria, Abuja. It houses 126 world-class standard residence defined by modernity, contagiousness, and comfort. The in-house service is a touchstone for several other best hotels in Abuja, and Fraser Suites remains a giant in the industry.

Technology accompanies the building style of Fraser Suites; it invokes a moonlight appeal within a traveler. Every bedroom is fully digitalized with internet-enabled TVs, L’Occitane bathroom amenities, Nespresso machines, etc. The furnishing is handled by qualified engineers who understand what homeliness means to adventurers.

Overall, Fraser Suites is an enchanting oasis in Abuja. They offer complete services including meeting room, outdoor pool, concierge services, fully-equipped fitness center, etc.

Final Thoughts on Best Hotels in Abuja

Each of these hotels in Abuja is budget-friendly for their standard and services. You are at liberty to select the services that best suit your budgets. Are you finding it financially difficult to afford any of the above superb hotels in Abuja? You might love to discover a quick way to gather some cash online with a thousand Naira. Meanwhile, Abuja is a safe place to be. Nevertheless, be vigilant while taking a walk away from your lodge.


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