Beating Depression: How Travelling Is The Proven Key


Depression has become very common in our world today. People get depressed now over one problem or the other. You cannot point to one factor as the cause of these depressions and we are not here to do that either because we don’t actually know. What we do know is that anyone can beat depression. It is a battle you can win and we will show you one of the ways to that.

One very effective way to beating depression is travelling and it’s not strange or even weird. In fact, so many people have won this battle of beating depression through travelling and exploring the world. We will share some of the things they did.


Just so you know, you don’t need to fly halfway across the world to achieve this, a simple trip to your neighbor’s house can cut it, but more on this later. I just don’t want you to think it’s a big deal.

Hold on a bit, what exactly is depression? You probably know, but in the event that you forgot or you don’t know, I want to refresh your memory.

In its simplest terms, depression is the condition (mental health) that brings an overwhelming feeling of isolation, despair, sadness and bitterness that has far-reaching implications on your thought process and actions.

So many people are under the captivity of this situation and it is all messed up. I have battled with depression a couple of times, not once, not twice, not even ten times. It’s not that rare, it’s actually common, so in case you were wondering, you are not alone, you are never alone. And yes, I battled it, and I won, each time.

 According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), as at 2015, there were over 16.1 million adults in the United States who have suffered from depression at least once in their lifetime. You see, some of those happy people you see in parks smiling and laughing might just be among the 16 million and what you saw them doing was fighting depression. And trust me, the number may have increased, in fact, it should have increased.


If you put your mind to it, beating depression may be difficult but not impossible. You could take any route, conventional and unconventional, to overcome depression.

One of the ways people have followed in their quest to beating depression is travelling. People travel for different reasons. Just add beating depression to it. What we wanna show you today is how travelling is key to beating depression.

But before we get to that, you should know that there are different types of travels. We are not talking about waking up; quitting your job and zooming off into the wilderness. Might be a bit too rash, especially if you had not planned for it. So, we need the journey that is well planned and budgeted as that is what will help you with depression.

I believe that we are on the same page now so let’s get on with it.

Oh! One more thing, how would you even know that you are depressed? Is it every time you are faced with a feeling of awkwardness that you think that depression has set in? Well, not to worry your head, we have put up some signs and symptoms of depression that will help you ascertain that there is the need to beat depression and deciding that travelling is key to beating depression.


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Some Signs and Symptoms of Depression

  • Feelings of emptiness, hopelessness and sadness

Let us say your boyfriend who meant the whole world to you just wakes up and dumps your ass and you have no experience in handling yourself or something of equal magnitude happens. You know you will feel like everybody is against you and you will be sad, have no handle on what to do next. 

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You just start feeling very down and you could go on crying for days. You are likely depressed and you should retrace your steps. Those feelings of emptiness, hopelessness and sadness are good ways to determine that you are depressed.

  • Suicidal thoughts

I really don’t know if you have ever had incidents that led you to thinking that you should just end it all. I mean, so many people that we thought shouldn’t die have had to take their lives. I have had a very personal incident. There are times when just being rich doesn’t buy you all the happiness in the world.

As a matter of fact, if you are poor, you could be comforted by the possibility of getting rich and forgetting all your troubles. But what happens when you are rich and still depressed. Most suicide thoughts that are symptoms of depression go to the rich. So, just watch it. When you are constantly feeling like putting a bullet to your own head, maybe it is time to have a trip that will ease your worries.


  • Loss of interest

There were times you would give anything to do certain things. It could be soccer (a good champion’s league match or premiership match) like me or another thing entirely. You were into all of those things and all of a sudden, you lose interest in those things.

Normally, I wouldn’t be alarmed if it was a conscious decision to stay away from those activities. In the case of depression, you and I know that it has nothing to do with normalcy. You should start thinking about beating depression when you just start losing interest in things that were part and parcel of your life. It doesn’t end in just things, you also lose interest in people and that is not cool.

  • Lack of concentration

A little distraction could cause a lack of concentration. It is normal to lose that once in a while but when you start focusing your energy on what you have probably been through, it drains you and makes quite difficult for you to remember things and details. It becomes a serious situation on your hands and you did be lucky if you don’t lose your mind.

Well, let us not get to that yet. What we should be aware of is that depression takes away our level of concentration. When we are finding it very difficult to concentrate and remember details, we should think towards depression.

  • The possibility of a drastic change in appetite

This would have been a great thing if you are doing it intentionally. I mean, it is always good to either reduce or increase the quantity of food you eat. It is true pending on what you intend to achieve.

With depression, you wouldn’t even know there is an increase or decrease. You just want to eat away or not eat at all probably because you find comfort in eating or you find it too repulsive. If this is you, then it is time to check out what your situation is and handle it. It could be depression.

  • Sleeping disorders may arise

Don’t get it twisted. Sleeping disorders are not the only signs that you have depression. However, it is one of the signs. When out of the blues you start having sleep apnea, you start experiencing too much sleep, insomnia or too little sleep or other sleep disorders, and then it is time to check if other symptoms of depression are also popping up so that you can finalize ways of beating depression.

When you notice just one symptom of depression, then it is probably nothing but when there is a combination of these symptoms, then there is a need to start working towards beating depression. Chances are that it is not a fluke but that you are slipping down to depression.


There are other symptoms and signs that you should note. There could be a decrease in your energy production, you start losing control frequently, there are panic attacks coming your way, you start feeling aches and pains, breast tenderness, cramps, digestive issues and other physical symptoms.

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More so, you will always feel tensed, you lose interest in relationships, your mood will constantly swing and your sex drive comes to an all-time low situation. Check out this video on symptoms of depression.

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How Travelling Helps In Beating Depression

  • Unique situations are opened while travelling

While we are depressed, we have the potential, the tendency to isolate ourselves from others. It is a common feature of depression to feel isolated and alienated. You just think you are all alone. There are emotions and feelings (negative to be precise) that you bring up that has the capacity to cut you off from others and make you feel less loved.

The external environment that you remove yourself from has the potentials to help you overcome depression but it is just a pity that you are not there. We are not in any way saying that just going outside the house takes every kind of depression away from you but it can assist you in the process of beating depression.

Here is the deal; travelling will show you different kind of situations and environment that you are not very used to and will require you to become more attentive to issues happening around you. It stimulates the brain to work faster on things happening around it and makes it try to bring solutions to certain problems. Those things that you wouldn’t normally do in everyday life will become normal things.

Again, travelling will ensure you meet new friends who will motivate and inspire your curiosity and make you do things differently. You don’t emphasize those things that distract anymore as you are more focused on the things that are different.

You could say that this is all about distraction which is not a direct way of beating depression. It is true that distraction is not a cure for depression but it is a way to change your thoughts which can help you in making new memories that will enable you fight depression.

Get up today and travel around if you feel depressed and you will be better for it. If it doesn’t help you beat it; it will help you find ways of beating it.

  • Possibilities are opened in the course of your travelling

When you are depressed, there is the possibility of feeling low on your self-esteem. This is true and that is why you need new possibilities to beat depression. The negativity that surrounds you in the course of suffering depression will be given a new perspective if you travel around.


There is this saying that a traveler is more experienced than an old man. It is true. When you travel around, you will be educated and enlightened on a lot of things in ways you don’t imagine possible. It removes all feelings of impossibilities and that is key to beating depression.

When you are inspired, which travelling will undoubtedly bring, you will find out that perceptions of us and things will begin to change for the better. It could also change for the worse if you let it.

In this life, there are people that have dealt with the situation you are struggling to deal with. If it is an academic failure, so many people have had to navigate that. Are you depressed because of a broken relationship? So many people have had to put up with that. Is it financial struggles? You are not the only person to go through that.

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When you move around, you will find out that there are so many people who have gone through what you think is impossible and that should begin to motivate you and make you handle things better. You will get tips, motivation and inspiration from them.

  • Travelling helps you meet people

When you get out and meet people, you will have a greater chance of beating depression. In the first instance, depression brings with it anti-social tendencies. It makes you want to stay away from people but then, travelling does the exact opposite.

Except you have a private jet and a private beach somewhere, you cannot avoid people when you travel. You will meet people from different works of life who are undergoing the same thing as you are or have undergone the depression you are undergoing.

Even if they have not undergone it, you will still find them very helpful. Connecting with people provides the right therapy towards solving anxiety and depression. You will find new things and activities interesting and refreshing. You will find new challenges and you will try to do things better so that beating depression won’t be as difficult as it would have been.


You know how important ideas are. They are crucial to your survival. In the course of travelling, you will see the crazy ideas that people will share and they will undoubtedly help you get a hold on your life. You will see new friends that will constantly remind you of the importance of having a great positive view on things and life.

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  • The bigger picture will be unraveled

What exactly is your view of life and why exactly are you depressed? Do you think life starts and ends at the place you are? Let us use the “Allegory Of The Cave” to illustrate this point. You know there were many people chained and tied inside that cave and the saw only shadows. Reality to them was just shadows.

You can imagine how tired they were and how they perceived the world. But when one of them was let loose and he saw the real world, he was filled with hope even when he was eventually brought back to the cave.

When you are depressed; maybe you will be comforted by the bigger picture. To get a hold on the bigger picture, you will need a certain level of enlightenment which travelling is one of the ways to get. When you are aware that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you wouldn’t want to spend so much time going through things that don’t make a lot of sense.

Taking yourself out of the environment that you are so used to will show you how wonderful and big the world is. You just don’t have to place yourself at the mercy of your circumstances. You can take charge and bring about a change in your fortunes. You can strive towards beating depression when the picture is very clear and there is so much to live for.

  • The world can act as anti-depression

The world is a beautiful place. There is absolutely no doubt about that. When you explore nature, you did be beating depression through the wonders it brings. It is unsurprising that the world has become filled with lots of beauty from nature that can handle that feeling of depression that you are going through.

However, if you are just in a place, you will find it difficult to continuously appreciate the beauty of the places and the people around you. It could become boring and you will lose interest as fast as you picked it.


But travelling to other places gives you double utility. It makes you appreciate new places and also renews your perception of the places around you. When you explore the beauty of nature and all it has to offer you, you will be aligning yourself with nature. It has a mystic and spiritual feeling to it.

A research has identified this feeling gotten from nature as a great way of beating depression. You will never really know until you have tried it out but there are great testimonies to that. Imagine the vast opportunities in this world that travelling will open you to.


Travelling is not the only way of beating depression. I cannot even tell you that it is the most effective way as it is quite relative. You will find other physical, medical and psychotherapy for beating depression that could work for you. However, travelling is quite natural and it provides you with an option of having fun. So, the choice is yours.

Bear in mind that there are things that you will come across if you travel that will forever remain part of your existence and give you renewed hope of attaining greatness. Just go first, choose your destination wisely and you won’t regret it.

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