Amazon scholarship programs 2023 | Everything you need to know.

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Have you been searching for the latest news and detailed information on the Amazon scholarship programs for students in 2022 to no avail? If yes, then this piece will provide you with all the necessary information that has to do with the topic of discussion.

Such information will include the Amazon student scholarship deadline, Amazon future engineer scholarship application guidelines, clarification as to whether Amazon scholarship is open to international students, etc.

Therefore, this article will serve as an eye-opener and answer to the series of questions and consistent inquiries people have been making about Amazon’s scholarship program for students.

While most of the responses they’ve been getting are just basic and peripheral information about the programs, Today, we will be providing a piece of concise and holistic information about the Amazon scholarship, eligibility, how to apply, and the application deadline.


What You Don’t Know About The Amazon Scholarship

After embarking on series of surveys and findings, we came to realize that some people believe that the Amazon scholarship programs are not really true, some say it is not on merit as the slots are always dedicated to a specific number of people, while others are skeptical about it.

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Realistically, Amazon is without doubt one of the biggest and leading business empires in the world, hence, their proposal to offer a scholarship worth $5000 to students wouldn’t have any scratch or even minutest of impact on their financial status.

So if you are one of the skeptic mind doubting whether the scholarship program is true, real, and base on Merit or not, you should reconsider your stance. Remove every piece of skepticism in you and apply for this year’s Amazon student scholarship program.


You never can tell, you might win yourself a free whopping sum of $5000 to help clear your University tuition fees and offset other intensive financial materials that might give you or have always been giving you tough and sleepless nights.

Amazon Scholarship Programs For International Students: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2021 ( $5000)

In the course of our research, we discovered that one of the trending searches on the Google search engine is all about how to apply for the Amazon scholarship program as an international student. Thus, we must clear the air that the Amazon student scholarship is not meant for international students.

If we break your heart, we are sorry. It is just the truth. The scholarship is only open for all College students who are US citizens. That is to say, the only citizen of the United States of America can apply for the scholarship program.


Therefore, we strongly suggest that all international students that are thinking of applying for the scholarship should just stay away, so as not to be a wasted time and effort. There is nothing like Amazon student scholarship programs for international students; it does not exist.

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Brief Description of the Amazon Scholarship Programs 2022

Ripley McDonald, the director of the scholarship and student programs at Amazon said the Amazon student scholarship was introduced by Amazon company to encourage and assist students who have, during their academic sojourn, shown leadership skills and quality in an extraordinary manner.

He further maintained that the scholarship program was also initiated to encourage students who are creative and very innovative in their thinking. And such is why there’s another segment of the program known as the Amazon future engineer scholarship.


Thus, any student who is of the United States of American descent that made up his mind to apply for the scholarship programs will be considered based on his academic excellence using his GPA, community development participation, and leadership experiences.

Not limited to that, applicants that made it to the final stages of the scholarship application will also compete in essay writing.

Therefore, it is safer to conclude that the Amazon scholarship program is not in its complete sense a charity disposition or philanthropic exhibition by Amazon.

But rather, their method of discovering the brightest United States of America citizens that are performing well in their academic sojourns and help those students to reach their horizons thereby becoming ambassadors of Amazon.


Further, the rationale behind the scholarship is to create awareness about the Amazon student prime, a student program designed by Amazon to help students grow and prosper in their academic endeavors by granting them a discounted version of the expensive Amazon prime.

The Amazon prime is half the original price ($49/year), and it still provides a two-day free shipping plus other Prime benefits such as Prime Music, Prime Instant Video, free access to the magnificent Kindle Lending Library, with other amazing promotions aimed at undergraduate students.

Similarly, there is an Amazon Student subsidy which is also aimed at giving college students special offers, promotions, and two-day free shipping on whatever the number of items bought from Amazon online as part of the program six-month free trial.



Amazon Scholarship Host Country

Having mentioned earlier that the Amazon scholarship program is an undergraduate scholarship that is open to students who are schooling in the United States.

Then, this Amazon’s scholarship host country is also the United States and it is equally available for all undergraduate students who are of US descent only.

Eligible Level or Field of Study For Amazon Student Scholarship.

Being a domestic and not a foreign scholarship for students, the Amazon $5,000 grant-in-aid is, therefore, open for every college student regardless of their discipline or field of study.

That is to say, the scholarship grants are open to students whose academic discipline can be found in any accredited University or College course of four or two years respectively.


In line with the submission above, if you are an American student and in need of a grant or scholarship program you can apply for, this Amazon Student Scholarship may be yours to lose.

Benefits Of Amazon Scholarship Programs

If you apply for this scholarship program as an undergraduate student offering a full-time course in an accredited University in the United States and you are lucky enough to be one of the selected candidates for the student’s grant-in-aid, the following are what you stand to benefit from the program:

  • $5,000 reward for your tuition fee offset;
  •  $500 allowance to spend on materials and textbooks; and
  • Amazon ambassadorship.

The Application Process For The $5,000 Amazon Scholarship 2022

The Amazon $5,000 scholarship application process is very easy and transparent, all applicants will be given equal opportunities. It is a merit-based scholarship aimed at rewarding 50 students studying any full-time program in any American university or College.


The application is available for students that are planning to enroll in any reputable college this year or to continue their undergraduate fall semester are all fits and eligible to apply.

The Amazon Scholarship Eligibility 2022

Before you can enroll and for you to be considered for the Amazon scholarship, the following are some certain conditions you need to satisfy:

  • The application is open to only US citizens that are studying in any of the recognized University or College in the USA;
  • All prospective candidates must be a member of the Amazon Student platform;
  • The candidate must be an undergraduate student who is on a full-time course at any not-for-profit College or University in the United States;
  • The candidate must have been admitted into any University or College programs that commences its activities or will resume from fall in 2022;
  • The candidate field of study may be in Art and Humanity, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Social Science, Health, or any other available discipline, at any recognized not-for-profit University or College.

However, High school seniors may also apply in advance before they secure admission into college this year, and a junior show too.


How to Apply for Amazon Scholarship programs 2022

Having highlighted the criteria or eligibility requirements for the Amazon grant-in-aid for U.S student for this year, below is, however, how the interested candidates can successfully apply for the scholarship program:

All applicants are to write an engaging and well-formatted essay about Amazon company, its business, Amazon various trade models, what the scholarship means to the applicants, the benefits of Amazon to its end-users, and more;

There are no specific guidelines for essay writing and as such, the essay format is up to every applicant, whatever way they can use to highlight the reasons why they choose to apply for the Amazon scholarship;

The applicants could peep at the Amazon pricing policy, its distribution networks as well as coverage, its exceptional product range compare to its competitors, sales support, accelerated delivery, flexible payment gateways, or perhaps other scintillating reasons why massive numbers of end-users patronized Amazon every year;


All applicants writing the essay should also have it at the apex of their mind that the Amazon online marketplace business model is far beyond books nowadays, there are other products available for order there;

The scholarship applications will be forwarded to the AMZ-Expert board for review, their criteria for grading each applicant will be interesting and creative responses, couple with their expected levels of clarity, mannerism, thought development, etc.

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The Students Scholarship Application Deadline

As of the time of publishing this article, the Amazon scholarship programs for the 2022 application are not yet out. Kindly check back later as we will communicate to you via this same platform once the enrollment form is out.


Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship


The Amazon future engineer scholarship is one of the available categories of Amazon scholarship programs designed to assist students to further up their academic pursuits.

This particular program is meant for assisting high school seniors leavers who have undergone a particular course in Computer Science and wish to further their education pursuit towards having a bachelor’s degree certificate in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, software engineering, or any other computer science-related discipline from an accredited College or University.

The recipients of the Amazon future engineer scholarship will receive a call price of $10,000 to offset his tuition fee in any accredited four-year University or College including a paid summer internship program at the Amazon Company after their first year of college.


Furthermore, this future engineer scholarship program is administered by Scholarship America, America’s largest scholarship designer and manager of tuition assistance, plus other educational grant-in-aid programs for individuals, corporations, associations, and foundations.

This scholarship award is granted to any qualified applicants without recourse to age, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. It’s open to every U.S citizen.

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Criteria or Applicants Eligibilities

All applicants to this category of the Amazon Scholarship Program must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The future engineer must be a U.S. citizen or made the United States of America as his permanent residents;
  • Such application must be from a high school senior who is currently enrolled in Computer science or who has completed his high school program with a certificate in any computer science courses. Examples of these courses include:
  • Int’l Baccalaureate Computer Science subject;
  • Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles or Advanced Placement Computer Science A;
  • Computer science via a college dual admission program;
  • And any other High School Senior course where Computer Science is the only subject taken;
  • The applicants must desire to study and receive a bachelor’s degree certificate in Computer science, Computer Engineering, Software engineering, or other related disciplines in computer from an accredited University with a 4-year program or a renowned College with a 2-year program with the intention to complete the program in a 4-year college.
  • The applicants must attain the lowest cumulative grade point average (CGPA)  of 3.0 out of the possible 4.0 (or its equivalent).
  • Any applicants whose parents or immediate family member is an employee of Amazon or its subsidiaries are not fit and eligible to apply.



In conclusion, it is important at this juncture to state that the $5,000 Amazon scholarship program 2022 is designed for all interested undergraduate students (U.S citizens only) who are determined to lessen their financial load and burden of going to college.

It is real, based on Merit, and comes with lots of opportunities that are here to stay. If you are a U.S citizen studying in any of the recognized colleges or universities within the country, what is stopping you from applying for the scholarship program?

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