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I recently started playing video games again. I gave it up a few years ago when I became an adult and needed to face work. Fast forward a few years later, I am at it again. And I have even decided to introduce it to our blog. Yes, we’ll start talking about video games and today, we have one that has tickled our fancy, and we thought to share with you.

2022 is packed with awesome titles coming our way and Forspoken is one such game that has our minds gripped. The game is being developed by luminous productions and published by Square Enix. The game is all set to be released on 24th March, 2022, and here is all that we know from the trailers and boy is it something.


What is Forspoken about?

The game follows a young girl named Frey Holland, sick of her life in New York craving an escape. Her wish comes true and all the praise be to some sort of portal but her new life isn’t exactly as she wished it to be. Frey gets teleported to Athia, a beautiful yet cruel world where she is introduced to her talking cuffs which also give Frey magical abilities.

The new world isn’t the vacation she planned and Frey finds herself to be someone who people hope to rid Athia of the plague that ails it. People living in Athia are suffering at the hands of monstrous creatures asserting power called the Tanta’s that are being led by someone called Tanta Sila who is definitely the final boss in the game and we know this from the trailer.

The Gameplay

The game looks very promising if we talk about the story and it has got pretty impressive hooks where players are going to find themselves getting emotionally attached to the game as a whole. Along with enchanting visuals, the game actually features great gameplay that offers immersive combat. And since the game falls under the umberalla of Square Enix, I can’t help but compare the combat of the game with that of Sqaure Enix’s most recent RPG title such as Final Fantasy XIV but it’s a little to early to know the feel, which make all the difference.

We have seen Frey Jumping and Parkouring around Athia while using a huge array of techniques that her magic enables to vanquish her foes. Frey is super agile which makes the combat just so active in a positive way. you can expect to get into trouble almost anywhere and the fact that Frey is always ready makes the whole combat so intense and good.

Enemies and Environment

The game offers a variety of enemies as well which will have to be approached differently every-time Frey encounters them. From zombie looking evil humanoids to even freaking dragons! Forspoken is going to have it all.

The map that we have so far seen in the trailers also seems way too promising, to be honest. From ravaged ruins of older civilisations to dense forests and deserts, the game just has it all and I don’t personally think it could actually fall short in any regard.

When is Forspoken Getting Released?

As we get into more details, the feelings for the game grow stronger. The game as a whole feels so very well polished and refined no matter the parameter. Be it the story, gameplay, or the graphics. There is so much about the game that is more than just enchanting and we just can’t wait to get our hands on the title. And once it is out, the best way to get it is through discounted cd keys that you can find on Gamecamp.

Fortunately, we already have a release date for the game and that is 24th May, 2022, that is if everything goes according to the plan. Hopefully it will and we will get to play this game on Playstation and PC!


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