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There are a lot of people like this that invest in Bitcoins in order to make a lot of money quickly and get a huge return on their investments. However, successful investors and industry heavyweights have traditionally bet on the long-term approach of buying and keeping currencies as their primary investment plan.

The concept of profits and losses might be balanced out when currencies are held for considerably longer periods of time. This will, in turn, prove to be advantageous as it will raise the possibility of significant returns in the event that one decides to sell their Bitcoins after holding them for a considerable amount of time. And, if you need a solution for a reliable option, can be your one-stop solution.

However, folks need to understand that the storage of bitcoin is as important as investment planning.

There are multiple storage options available in the case of cryptos. It is never one kind o storage that you can make use of.

Primarily, there are two types of storage options available for every crypto trader or investor. Those are – the hot wallet and cold wallet. These names have their own meaning altogether based on their functionality.

Hot wallet – Hot wallet is the kind of storage that is always connected to the web. It is because when the wallet is always connected to the web, the chances of getting stolen are more. Hot wallets are necessary for multiple reasons. One of the crucial factors is that you will always need some cryptos handy when you are trading on a daily basis. It is not possible to fetch the cryptos all the time from your cold storage and start trading. So, one needs hot wallets.

Cold wallet – Cold wallets are those kinds of wallets that do not have any internet connection. It is more of an offline kind of wallet. Thus, it is more secure as well. You can completely send your cryptos in hibernation with the cold wallets. All that you need to do is make sure you do not share the password of that cold storage with anyone.

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Exchange wallet – Exchange wallets are the wallets that one uses on their exchange platform to trade every day. Without this, it is not possible to act on any exchanges. However, this is the least secure platform one has. But no one can help using the wallet because it is most handy as well. You are bound to keep some cryptos in this wallet so that you can make faster trades.

Desktop wallet – You can use the wallet software on the laptop or desktop. Whenever needed, you can fetch them. Be careful that nobody gets the password of your system; otherwise, you have to bid goodbye to your cryptos without even knowing. It is a kind of hot wallet.

Mobile wallet – There are various software programs or applications that you can use on your mobile. You can download them from the playstore or apple store. The way you operate everything from your desktop, you can do it with the mobile version just by using the mobile wallet as well. Mobile wallet also is a hot wallets.

Paper wallet – As we already know that cryptos are basically a combination of unique numbers and no physical coins, so it is very much possible for one to have a paper wallet. On paper, you can have it printed and keep it very safe. This is the safest cold wallet.

Hardware wallet – One can use their external hard disk to keep or store the bitcoins. It is a great cold storage that can easily be turned into a hot wallet whenever needed.

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Does bitcoin investment bring some baggage with itself?

It is understandable that no investment can be entirely free of risks.  Although most next generation investors and many traditional investors prefer selling and buying Bitcoins on various platforms available, this mode of investment also incurs risks. These trading platforms present investors with systems that allow them to read and analyze the Bitcoin market. Still, there lies certain risk factors owing to ups and downs in the market conditions.


These are the basics of crypto storage information. If you, too, are interested in trading or investing, you must use all these storage options in combination.


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