8 most popular online payment methods for casino players in Ontario


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If you are a true casino aficionado, then you might have already given all the different payment methods a go. The good news is that there are many different online payment methods for casino players in Ontario, and they range from the tried and tested options to the ones that are more suitable for those who like to keep up with the time. We’ll give you a rundown of eight popular options that you have when playing in online casinos, leaving you to choose your favourite one.

Credit/debit cards will always remain unprecedented

You can’t beat the good old credit/debit cards. To this day, they remain one of the most frequently used payment methods in the world, which is why most (if not all) online casinos keep it in their offer. If you know yourself and you know that you prefer to keep it simple, then this option is going to be the right one for you.

However, you should keep in mind that there are other payment options that might require less work and effort on your part. Believe it or not, you might not have to get up out of your chair to fetch your credit card – here’s how that’s possible.


Paysafecard lets you complete payments and transactions in a safe manner

What if we told you that you can finally complete an online transaction without sharing your bank account, credit card, and personal pieces of information? If you don’t believe us, all you need to do is purchase one Paysafecard and see what we are talking about. As a prepaid online payment method that you can purchase at your local sales outlet, the entire process works by relying on a 16-digit PIN code that you have to enter at the checkout.

It’s precisely because of how simple yet effective this payment method is that you can nowadays find a Paysafecard casino without much trouble. And if your favourite casino doesn’t let you use this payment method (yet), then you can use some of the following ones.

PayPal remains one of the most popular online payment methods for casino players in Ontario

Truth be told, PayPal is not just popular when it comes to casino players – it goes much beyond that. This online payment system has gained such a high level of popularity because it lets you make payments and receive money in a fast and secure way. Secure is the operative word here, as you won’t have to worry about your personal information being in any jeopardy.

Opening a PayPal account is free, but the upcoming transactions might come with additional fees. We wouldn’t worry about them, however – if they were high, this online payment system wouldn’t be having around 200 million active users.

A bank wire transfer is always there to save the day

Sometimes, people could experience problems with their debit/credit cards, and they might not have full trust in e-wallets and online payment systems. Not to worry, as those individuals have an option that’s as conservative as it gets – a bank wire transfer. Since gambling is a legal and regulated activity in Ontario, people aren’t expected to run into a problem with their bank due to a wire transfer.

However, you should keep in mind that the processing time for a bank wire transfer can be lengthy – to say the least. If you are in a rush, you’ll simply have to choose some other online payment method for casino players in Ontario.

Crypto casinos are the new trend

There’s absolutely no doubt that crypto is the future. The only question is when do you plan to join it? If you’ve already jumped aboard the cryptocurrency trend, then you are in the perfect position to use one of the most popular online payment methods for casino players in Ontario. The beauty of gambling by using crypto is in safety, anonymity, and, let’s be honest, fun.

Please keep in mind that, while crypto is slowly taking over the world, there are still many places that don’t recognize its true potential. Therefore, don’t just assume that an online casino has this payment method listed in their banking options. Instead, make it your mission to check it – and check their credibility while you are there.

Utilize the Pay by Phone bill option

You already get a monthly phone bill sent to you anyways, so why not use it to add different charges to it? This is probably going to be your saving grace if you are a mobile casino customer. You’ll have to make a deposit through your mobile network provider after which that particular amount will be added to your phone bill.

We’d advise you to be careful if you do opt for this payment method. Since you pretty much have no limit as to how much you can spend, you can easily go overboard and get yourself into debt. We wouldn’t want to see you struggling to pay off your phone bill due to all of those extra casino charges.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay

These three payment methods work in the same fashion, all of which are most suitable for different users. Let’s take Apple Pay as an example. If you own any Apple product, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, you can use your Apple TouchCode to facilitate a deposit. This is the perfect option for mobile users, as you get to avoid the hassle of manually entering your card details, and the money will go through instantly.

Neteller is a favourite among Canadian casino players

In general, Neteller is a popular payment method among Canadians which they use to pay for different products/services. But it’s also one of the most popular online payment methods for casino players in Ontario because it allows one to quickly send and receive funds through a Neteller account. It’s possible to deposit your account by transferring money through your online banking account, debit, or credit card. And the fact that the fees associated with transfers are low certainly helps the situation.


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