5 Ways To Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

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It sounds really funny for you to be a tourist in your own town. Actually, it might sound kinda sad, it’s not. What it is- is creative.

You don’t really need to travel far and spend loads of cash on vacation in order to enjoy yourself. There are ways to actually give yourself a treat right there in your own town. In this article, you will be learning great ways to be a tourist in your own town. It may sound lame to you, but please don’t conclude your judgment until you have finished reading this article, this short article.

In fact, there are lots of ways for you to be a tourist in your own town, you might even begin to think you are in a different environment or destination altogether. I beg you to just relax and enjoy your reading as it promises to be entertaining as well as hilarious. Hilarious in the sense that you will be asking yourself why you never considered these options before.


There is no doubt that when you live in a particular place for a long time, it ceases to be a tourist attraction.  The places just ceases to amaze you. You will start seeing it as the place you buy your groceries or get you car fixed. It is so because that is exactly what you have allowed yourself to believe. I bet you that there are tourist attractions in your town that people travel far and wide to see. So, why not try to be a tourist in your own town. If not for anything, it gives you the opportunity to really appreciate your own environment.

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Simple Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

1. Consider outdoor activities that only your town can offer

If you look closely, there is every possibility that there are certain activities that your town is known for. Is there a water fountain, or game reserve in your town? You should go see it. To be a tourist in your own town, you must have to see yourself as one. There is always something that everything town including yours promotes to tourists. You just have to pay attention in order to discover it.

Is your town home to one of those ancient museums? Does it have a beach? What about magnificent building? All you just need to do is to step out and go see any of those things. You will definitely feel like a tourist that just arrived from a different continent. You can study the different courses for tour guides’ careers and you can establish a travel tour offer for tourists.


I know, sounds cheesy, just keep an open mind.

2. Organize A Treasure Hunt In Your Town

  This is another wonderful avenue for you to be a tourist in your own town. Here, you can invite some of your friends and you guys will just plan a treasure hunt. This treasure hunt has a way of exposing the hidden features of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Those things that you wouldn’t even consider thinking about will become exceedingly interesting and fun as well.

You won’t spend any money on organizing such an activity. It will just be in the form of recreational activity for you and your friends. In fact, you will be amazed at the level of new exposure and experience you will get in your town. Why spend so much money to visit that popular city when you can be a tourist in your own town.


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3. Try out New Means of Transportation and Routes in Your Town

This I am sure you can relate to. One thing about being a tourist is that you have to trust other people to guide you. So, another way you can be a tourist in your own town is to try out new routes and means of transportation. It is certain that as you try new routes within your town, you will get to see things differently. In fact, you may start questioning whether you are still in the same town.

You can also take a different means of transportation that you haven’t tried before. For example, leaving your car at home and taking the bus anywhere you want to go. It affords you the opportunity to meet with different categories of people in your town. You might as well interact with them to get their take on certain discussions. It will open your eyes to how little you know about you town.


4. Go to the Woods, Lakes, Streams, Rivers, Parks, Etc

You need to embrace natural environment around you. It is not always about the 5-star hotels and cozy restaurants. To be a tourist in your own town or even any type of tourist, try out those natural eye-catching environments that people also travel to see. You can go fishing at the streams, lakes, or streams. Going for a little camping in the woods won’t be a bad idea at all. You will simply get to appreciate your environment the more

So, you can see that it is very much easy and entertaining to actually be a tourist in your own town.

5. Go Away From Your Place Of Residence

This is another wonderful and fun way you can be a tourist in your own town. You simply have to move away from your current place of abode and lodge in a motel, hotel, or you can even camp in the woods. For example, if you live in the commercial part of the town, you should consider moving to the suburbs. There, you will surely get different experience about life in your town.


You should also consider migrating to the commercial city if you have been living in the suburbs. It might just be for the weekend, but be rest assured that the feeling will be worth it. This is because, you will definitely view your town henceforth from a different perspective, and unlike you have known in time past. It high time you stop thinking that you can only be a tourist in a foreign environment.

To be a tourist in your own town has the potential to also give you the life changing experience that visiting the Burj-Khalifa gives you.  So, instead of complaining about the huge amount of money you need to visit the Bahamas, look inwards and enjoy the tourist attractions that your own town presents.


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