5 Tips For Traveling With Your Vape Gear

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Vape Gear

Travelling is an exciting pastime we all enjoy, whether it’s just for a weekend getaway or an extensive overseas trip. An essential part of any vacation is preparation and packing. For vapers, bringing along all the vaping essentials is important to ensure an uninterrupted experience. But it’s not as easy as it seems. Some airlines do not authorize vape gear, and select countries have a ban on possessing vaping equipment. You need to know all about the federal travel guidelines and some handy tips to bring along your vaping gear in a safe, secure manner.

Here are five tips for traveling with your vape gear to avoid any inconveniences

1. Disconnect All Batteries

A regulated or electronic vape comes with a safety lock, unlike the mechanical or unregulated mods. The safety lock in electronic vape devices prevents the vape pod from switching on accidentally. But if you have automatic vape gear, make sure to take out the batteries.

Packing vape gear in your check-in luggage might endanger everyone’s life by bursting into flames, as the battery’s internal pressure increases at higher altitudes and is a fire risk. So, always carry the vape gear with you in the cabin bags. While going for an extended vacation, it’s also best to take spare batteries to avoid any inconvenience.

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2. Ensure Your E-Liquids are Sealed and Secure

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One of the most recurring expenses for a vaper is the e-liquid. Therefore, it is crucial to pack the e-liquids carefully to avoid any spillage. Avoid packing them in glass bottles as they can break. Instead, use clear, sealable containers or bottles in your carry-on baggage. As per TSA rules, 100 ml of liquid, including e-liquid, are allowed on a flight.

Make sure to also empty the vape tank before flying as the air pressure can cause the e-liquid to leak. Emptying the vape tank can save the e-liquid and protect it from damaging other items in your bag. If you are still unsure of how to carry your favorite e-juice, you can order pure vape juice online at your destination.

3. Stock Up on Coils

Coils are essential components of a vaping device. They provide heat to the vaporizer but also wear out due to frequent heating and cooling. Using burnt out coil can produce dry hits that make vaping uncomfortable for the vaper. Therefore, they need to be replaced often.

Now the specification and the size of the coil vary between different vaping devices. As a vaper, you must be aware of how frequently you need to change your vape coil. Carry spare ones with you for easy replacement in the event they burn out. This will save you time searching for and visiting local vape shops for replacements.

4. Airport Rules

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It is essential to research the airport regulations on vaping. Most airports don’t authorize it except in designated areas. In situations like these, have your last vape outside the terminal before going through security. In the case of a layover, you can always vape outside in specific areas. Despite all the rules, some airports still have rooms or observation decks that allow vaping. While planning your holiday, take the time to read through the rules and regulations of all the airports you will be traveling through. You can also call and inquire about the policies of the airline you are flying with.

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5. Know Local Vaping Laws

Once you have arrived at your holiday resort, vaping rules in that country might be entirely different from yours. Vaping in a country that prohibits it can get you in trouble (and may also get you arrested). So, it’s imperative to research the indoor and outdoor vaping laws in your destination country.

Many governments have evolving laws on vaping. Places like Brazil, India, Thailand, and Mexico have banned vaping while other countries like Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan have certain vaping restrictions. Some countries also have restrictions on the sale of vape devices and their components. In countries like Thailand, you can land in prison for vaping. Therefore, knowing the rules will prevent you from getting into any trouble. If you have any local friends living in a particular area, ask them about the travel precautions you need to take before your visit.


Post legalization, vaping laws have changed and have relaxed in the US and Canada. It is not that intimidating anymore to travel with vape gear. You can carry your vaporizer in your carry-on bag and e-liquids in 100 ml bottles. Vaping is strictly prohibited on a plane and can trigger alarms and lead to charges. In case of any doubt regarding vaping laws and regulations, always conduct research and talk to your travel service provider. Every airline, rail line, and bus service has its set of rules and regulations. So, properly following their guidelines will ensure a trouble-free trip to your destination.

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