5 Tips for Thriving in University-Level Maths


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University-level mathematics can be very overwhelming. You might experience walking into the classroom and not understanding anything in the lecture. This might even happen when math is your favorite subject. Trust me, the university does that to you, and probably everyone in your class is going through this. But don’t panic because all of this can be changed with our mindset.

According to several researchers, the best way to do math is to approach it as the subject you enjoy. Think about it as something conquerable and learnable. Remember, you aren’t dumb – you just need a little practice and patience. 

To make things easier, we got you some amazing tips from a professional Sydney maths tutor. So, let’s start.

Read Ahead

University-level math requires a deep understanding of topics, which means linking the concepts taught in different classes. This can be achieved by reading ahead of your lectures. 

It may seem like a waste of time learning material that you will be taught in the coming lecture at first but with time, you’ll understand the difference it makes. Just 5-10 minutes of skimming through the next pages will make you more confident when you walk into the class.

Do Not Miss Lectures

Missing lectures can cause you a great loss. Whatever you have studied in the first 3 weeks of the semester is a building block of the 4th week. 

Being absent will make your mathematical skills stagnant, causing you to remain confused throughout the next class. Make sure to make up for those lectures with the help of your professor, who can maybe lend you the notes, or online lectures can do a great job as well.

Write Down Notes

It might seem cliché but it has to be said that make sure that your notes are readable so that you can rely upon them in the future. Also, do not copy exactly the notes that are handed over to you by your professor. 

At the moment, you might feel the information sinking in your brain but after six months you cannot remember it as well. The better way to do it is to write them in your own words and what you’ve understood of that chapter. This will help you memorize them for the long term.

Practice Daily

Practicing is an essential aspect of learning mathematics. Instead of skipping the problems in your textbooks, make a habit of solving them. It will not only help you understand the types of questions you will face in exams at the end of the semester but also end the fear that resides in you. Just don’t stick to one book.

Do Not Quit

It is nothing but a myth that there is a thing called math brain. We don’t say this when it comes to other subjects. Math requires learning just like other subjects. What makes math seem scarier than other subjects are the mistakes that you make. 

Jason Moser and his colleagues studied MRI scans and found that your brain actually developes when you make mistakes in math. So it is important to know that making mistakes is natural and, most importantly, it is good, and all you need is a growth mindset. Whenever you face a challenging situation in math just take a break and get back to it with a fresh mind! 


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