5 Things To Know While Travelling With CBD Products

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The legal status of the use of cannabis is evolving. The variations in the law from one place to another often leave consumers in doubt. The confusion regarding the free use magnifies when a user is supposed to travel from one place to another. The tight scrutiny at the airports and the TSA checkpoints can make you anxious. Given its multiple health benefits and innovative products like CBD vape juice that works, it is almost impossible to keep your hand off CBD products. No wonder the CBD market is enormous, as multiple users are switching over to these products each day. However, many countries are yet not on the path to normalizing the free use of any of these products. Therefore, users are often left wondering what it is like to travel with CBD products. 

While there is no general one-all set of rules around the use and travelling with CBD, a little information can save you a lot of trouble while travelling. Read on to find out five things to know while travelling with CBD products.  

1. Hemp Driven CBD is different than Marijuana Driven CBD:

If you wish to carry a CBD product or medication with you while travelling, the first thing you must know is its source. There are three basic types of cannabis plants such as Indica, Sativa, and hybrid variety. While marijuana can be either of the three, a hemp plant is usually Sativa. The chemical composition of hemp and marijuana is most likely the same, but marijuana tends to have higher concentrations of THC, which can impart its psychoactive properties. The hemp plant barely has any THC; therefore, it does not have any mind-altering effects. 

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Understanding this difference between the cannabis variety can let you have better clarity about the legality. Farm bill regulations passed in December 2018 in the USA permit the use of hemp-driven products all across the country. Mostly the Hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, the bill allows hemp-driven CBD products as an exception to the list of controlled substances, which makes it more travel friendly. Knowing the source of CBD can help you understand the legal stature best in the country you intend to travel. The Countries that have not yet legalized cannabis might embody restrictions invariably. Many other places are far liberal policies incase of CBD Oil from hemp than different varieties.  

2. The Laws May Fluctuate Even Within a Country:


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Some countries like Canada have no restrictions on the use of CBD gel capsules that works, while others forbid it. The US has a variable law from one state to another, which means if you intend to travel within the country, you might have to dig up further. Certain places like Texas may have restrictive laws that permit you CBD products with no more than 0.0% of THC. In the case of epilepsy, THC levels of more than 0.5% are permissible.

You may want to double-check the laws and restrictions extending to the places where cannabis is legal or decriminalized for recreational purposes. In some countries, there can be additional restrictions on CBD edibles, cosmetology products, as well as supplements too. Make sure you check the norms of the destination country, including within-country restrictions.

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3. Keeping Documentation in Order Can Save you trouble. 

While there can be a restriction on the carriage of cannabis products, CBD products can be still easy to get clearance from the TSA in many countries. For example, after the Farm Bill of 2018 in the US, TSA updated its policy regarding carrying medicinal CBD on its website. This new change in the policy accommodates Epidiolex (CBD product) for the users who use it for the treatment of epilepsy. However, taking CBD oil sourced from marijuana may be treated as illegal. 

In most of the cases, TSA might not particularly look for CBD products and are willing to accommodate it, but they will follow some standard procedures. Carrying CBD oil can cause you some delay and confusion in some cases. Therefore, it is necessary to carry all certifications as well as a prescription to clear authority checks. Your medical card may not guarantee hassle-free TSA checks but can save you a lot of time. 

4. Standard Procedure Change From Country to Another:

Since there are no quick tests to identify the source of CBD, check-in experiences may also variate depending on the general laws. Most of the authorities usually tend to comply with standard procedures that are prevalent in their area. Similarly, sea transportation also requires strict adhering to the local laws around the use of the substance. You may want to check with your cruise line to understand the different regulations of sea travel with CBD products. Scan through the standard procedure of your destination country by gathering information on their website and the airlines.   

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5. Packing CBD Products:

The top-notch security system at various airports makes it impossible to hide any product from the scanning. Therefore it is wise to pack all the products discreetly in a clear bag and declare them at the authorities if required. Refrain from carrying any liquid item such as CBD oil, lotions, and slaves in the carry on bag. Separately pack all the vaping devices and CBD vaping juice in sealed containers.

The Bottom Line 

The lack of clearly defined rules and regulation makes travelling with CBD a little complicated. Sea travelling becomes all the more confusing due to the strict laws of various cruise lines. Therefore, the golden rule of carrying CBD products is by contacting the authority in advance and find out about their norms. Make a clear note of the documentation and other standard procedures if you intend to take medicinal CBD.

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