5 Points To Be Keep In Mind While Travelling To A Foreign Country


Going on a vacation is the best way to escape the monotonicity of work and stress. Travel always offers a unique fresh feeling irrespective of either domestic or international. Interestingly, traveling abroad is not an easy aspect. It necessitates planning and safety measures. Some precautions will make traveling more delightful and less troublesome. But in the end, all of this would be worth it. 

The rules and regulations, lifestyle, climate, and social norms vary from country to country. As a traveler, our first priority should be staying safe and avoiding unwanted risks. While this is not a matter to fret on, it also demands care and attention from our side. 


To prevent any unforeseen experiences on foreign lands, here are few tips to follow:


Documentation is not to ignore aspects. It is not just about passport and plane tickets. A checklist of must-carry documents when traveling abroad include:

  • Driving license
  • Personal Identification document
  • Proofs of the accommodation 
  • Financial support, if relevant
  • Health and travel insurance. 

Make sure all the documents are up to date. Carry copies, originals, and also digital form in the cloud. We never know when and which document might be necessary.


Commuting is an innate part of traveling. Taking a local taxi all the time may burn the pockets. Gather information about public transportation in the place of travel. This helps save a lot of money.

If you’re traveling to different cities, then another option worth considering is using vehicles on rent with a roof rack installed. It would help transport essential luggage easily. Most importantly, learn the driving rules of the place. Research the rental fees, cost of gas, and vehicle insurance if you prefer driving rental vehicles. 


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Language and Culture

Knowledge of English can help navigate in most countries. But we must not forget that many European and Asian countries demand a little knowledge of their languages from tourists. The local language knowledge is mandatory to decode the local name boards, bus routes, and conversing with local people in indispensable situations.

Language translator apps help a lot. However, a handy dictionary and knowledge of some basic vocabulary in the local language is always suggested. 

When in Rome, it is wise to be a Roman. When traveling to foreign countries, dress and behave as per their culture to avoid unwanted problems and attention. Besides, this helps in gathering the help of locals too easily. Pay similar attention to hand gestures and body language to ensure that we do not offend anyone even by ignorance.

Currency and Electronics

Each country has their unique currency.Currency exchange agencies are present in many tourist countries. However, research on this prior. Exchange currency at the borders or airports. 

An idea of the exchange rate helps in keeping expenditures in check. Carry currency in various denominations and small changes all the time. It smoothens the transactions and also saves you some money. For instance, you need not give a big note in hesitation when giving a tip for room service.


When carrying electronics, make sure to pack compatible accessories. If you are booking a hotel in advance, you can check if they provide such essentials. Carry compatible adapters, chargers and USB cables, etc. to avoid unwanted expenses in buying them in foreign. 

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Health and Food

Better be safe than to be sorry. Do not forget to take vaccinations to help you stay immune from travel borne infections, allergies, and health issues. 

Keep paper soaps and sanitizers handy. Face masks are now an indispensable addition to luggage when traveling abroad. A backup set of sanitary napkins, panty liners, kids’ diapers, and disposable tissues helps in unforeseen situations. 

Carry nutritional supplements and daily medicines as per the need. Research the country’s official tourism website and learn the medical regulations they expect from tourists. 

Take similar care while choosing food options. If you are prone to food allergies, or have any meal preferences, spend more time researching food and dining options.  


If airlines permit carrying packed and processed food, it is best to add them in luggage. They might be saviors in times of emergencies.


Travel to foreign lands can be invigorating. With little planning and care, the experience turns much better. 

Pack clothes as per the climate. Get to know the rules and regulations. Do not forget any documents—research about food and medical facilities. Try as best as possible to mingle with locals by adopting their language, culture, and dressing. Keep a backup set of every personal essentials. 

Carry travel accessories that make travel comfortable and economical. At the same time, make double sure to stay connected with friends and family in the home country. Be wise, plan well, and have a happy trip.

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