22 Things to do When You are Bored And Out of Your mind

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Looking for things to do when we are bored?. Scientifically speaking, boredom and idleness is not really advised. The famous cliché, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is a saying used to describe the fact that boredom is something that we all dread.

Something that we try as much as possible to avoid. Idleness is not good for the health and mind. So everyone has that burning question, what you do when you are bored.

Some people recommend going out, hanging out with friends, or going for parties. There is so much that the media and people recommend as things to do when bored but the issue is that most of these do not work. Most of the time they are just plain goose chases as most of them are unachievable. With the presence of this pandemic, boredom has been seen for quite a while now, not only are you bored but you are also stuck at home without being able to go outside.



So I’m here to help you with that by giving you a list of 22 things to do when bored, things that can even be done when you are at home or not at home.

So here is my list of 22 things to do when you are bored;

books are a goldmine of information and things to do when we are bored

1. Read a book

It is a well known saying that books are a doorway into different worlds and a window into an author’s mind. This is actually one of my favorite things to do when bored because this activity covers every likes and taste. You can get lost in the world of fantasy novels, spine chilling horror novels, satirical comedy, and comics, get inspired by motivational books and self-help books, or enjoy the world of science through sci-fi. It doesn’t have to be just novels, you could improve your intellect by reading some academic journals and publications by notable people. The very fact that reading a book takes some time and that there are so many books in the world makes this my all-time favorite on the list of things to do when bored. 



2. Write a book:

If somehow you think reading a booking isn’t challenging enough, why not consider writing one.

Our imagination always runs wild when we are bored as we are always looking for things to do. So why don’t you put all that imagination to use and write a book. Believe me you don’t have to be mentored by John Grisham or Chinua Achebe before you become a good writer.

It doesn’t take much hassles and skills to be an amazing writer, those imaginary daydreams that you have, put them down, or if you always wanted to let the public hear your view on a topic, you can write a self help book or motivational book. The possibilities are endless and who knows, you could become the next best writer soon. On my favorite things to do when bored, I highly recommend this one, it’s so cool and the thrill of seeing your imagination play out in words is exhilarating.



3. Learn a new skill:

Everyone can agree that on the things to do when bored, this is one of the most educational. It could be graphic design, coding, or creative writing. Just devote some of your time to gaining knowledge and mastery over a new skillset

4. Play Board games:

Why don’t you turn off that TV and challenge your friend or family to a board game, it helps boost intelligence and strengthens bond and ties. Games like Ludo, Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, etc.

5. Learn How to Cook

What better way to kill boredom than to learn how to make your favorite meal, it’s one of the most pleasurable things to do when bored, you can learn from anywhere, e.g. internet or YouTube.



6. Exercise

This is a great thing to do when bored, you get to kill boredom and improve your health and muscles at the same time. Exercise actually helps relieve stress and tension that boredom could cause.

7. Learn Yoga:

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that originated in India that is recommended as a thing to do when bored, yoga is not only healthy , it also helps improve your mental state.

8. Learn Public Speaking:

You could learn how to speak and influence people in public, if you have stage fright you can use this time to work on it

9. Start A Blog:

This is kinda cool as it requires a bit of work to do but as you have some free time, this is one of the coolest things to do when bored, plus it pays.



10. Learn A New Language:

That time that you are lamenting about being bored can be spent learning another language. After all, it takes just commitment, and you can turn it from just frivolous things you did when bored to being a translator or a multilinguist.

11. Sign Up for an Online Class:

There are so many websites offering online classes all over the internet. You could easily sign up for one of them and learn them instead up wasting time on social media looking for things to do.

12. Find a Freelance Job Online:

You could sign up for a freelance website like Fiverr or MicroGigSite and get some work there for your skills, it’s another cool money-making thing to do when bored.



13. Update Your Resume:

What better thing to do when you are bored than to update your CV, possibly rewriting it and polishing it for the next time it will be used.

14. Catch Up on Current News:

You can catch up on the latest news happenings

15. Make Friends with a stranger:

What better thing to do when bored than to try your luck at befriending a complete stranger, who knows, love may bloom or you might get a body for life.

  1. Clean out your email
  2. Delete some Facebook friends
  3. Make a to-do list
  4. Make meal prep for the next day
  5. Organize your house
  6. Start a garden
  7. Clean your house: Yeah, stop lazing around and start putting it in order. LOL

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