16 Secret Ways to Book Very Cheap Flights When Travelling

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In this article, you will be exposed to different and simple ways to book very cheap flights to all your destinations, international or locally. If you don’t know the secrets of booking very cheap flights, traveling will always be expensive for you.

The “flight” is often the most expensive part of your journey, except when you are maybe lodging in a super luxurious 5 star hotel. This means that you need to start looking at ways to book very cheap flights to your destination.

Did you know that the airlines in the U.S. made $3.3 billion from baggage fees alone in 2011 according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics? This tells you the amount air travelers are charged, hence the need for very cheap flights.


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Very Cheap Flights to anywhere in the world

Ways to Book Very Cheap Flights When Traveling

Below are some of the important tips when booking very cheap flights around the world.

1. Make use of budget airlines

Flying with budget airlines is one very good way to reduce the cost of traveling. Also called low-cost airlines, these budget carriers charge you low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services. The reduced fare comes with reduced comforts in the plane though.

The budget airline comes with no free food onboard and less legroom for you as well. Therefore, when you decide to fly with low-cost airlines, make sure you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. You can’t really talk about booking a very cheap flights without these low-cost airlines.


Below is a list of the different budget airlines around the world that you can book for very cheap flights.

  • Africa: The budget airlines ruling the African skies are Kulula, fastjet, flyafrica, Mango, FlySafair, Fly540, JamboJet, flydubai, and Skywise. These airlines should be your hub of very cheap flights within the African continent. You can also see this article on CNN nfor more details.
  • Europe: The budget airlines with very cheap flights include the Easyjet, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Aigle Azur, Wow Air, Eurowings, Flybe, Norwegian Air, and Wizz Air.
  • Asia: For the Asian continent, the list of low cost airlines where you can book very cheap flights include Air Asia, Tiger Air, Jeju Air, Hong Kong Express, Jetstar, Peach Air, Scoot, Dragon Air, Spice Jet, Vietnam Airlines, Spring Airlines, Nok Air, T’Way Airlines, and Vanilla Air.
  • Australia: The budget airlines in Australia for booking very cheap flights include the Jetstar, Tiger Air, and Scoot.
  • United States: For the low cost airlines with very cheap Flights in the U.S. you can always fly with WOW Air, Sun Country Airlines, Allegiant Air, Frontier, and SouthWest. The WOW Air is among the cheapest flights to Europe from the United States that you can fly.
  • Canada: Very cheap flights under the budget airlines in Canada include Swoop, Flair Airlines, Jetlines, Air Canada Rouge,and Spirit Airlines.
  • New Zealand: The Jetstar is a low cost airline that you can fly in the country of New Zealand. You should always trust that they will provide very cheap flights.
Very Cheap Flights with budget airlines

2. Use points to fly for free


There is no better way for you to book very cheap flights than flying free. The easiest way for you to fly for free is through the use of points. You can easily acquire these points by making use of a travel reward credit card. Once you have signed up for this card, you need to reach the minimum spend margin to acquire these points. When accumulated, these points can land you a free flight.

You can use either an airline reward card or a more general reward card. The advantage of the general reward card is that you can use it for different airlines. If you have a business of your own, we recommend the ink business preferred credit card.


This card allows you to earn up to 80, 000 points when you spend $5,000 three months after account opening. Like I said earlier, what better way to book very cheap flights than flying for free with points?

3. You should make use of the best flight search engines

The use of very good flight search engines is another way you can book very cheap flights to any destination. Here are some other flight search engines:

  • You can make use Google flights, although not always at the best price.
  • Kiwi.com have a combination of different airlines to create the cheap routes for you
  • The JetRadar shows you many of the budget airlines to book your flight. Many of the other search engines do not have this particular feature.

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4. Try to identify the cheapest day to fly

Whether you like it or not, there are certain days of the week when flights are the cheapest. You should try to identify such days so that you can also enjoy the flight fare discount.

There are times it is cheaper to travel on weekends, whereas it is also cheaper to travel on weekdays some of the time. We recommend that you see the prices for the whole month. This will give you the opportunity to see the cheapest days for your particular route.

Knowing the cheapest days to fly can help you find very cheap flights to your destinations around the world. But there are just times your journey cannot wait for those cheap flight days, so you have to look into other options.


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7.  You should search out airline error and sale prices

This is also one of the ways you can book very cheap flights anytime you want to travel. There are times when airlines will make mistakes when posting their prices, hence leading to discounted flights for air travelers. This error can happen as a result of human error, technical problems, and currency conversion mistakes.

8.  You should buy flight tickets in bulk

Another means to book very cheap flights is to buy your flight tickets in bulk. It is a well-known fact that you will get a discount on your flight ticket when you buy in bulk. For example, flying a return ticket from Washington to Manchester will definitely be cheaper than buying two one-way tickets.


You can enjoy this very well by taking advantage of the multi-city flights. For instance, Virgin Atlantic airline has routes from Shanghai to New York, and New York to London. When you book these three destinations at the same time, you will surely save a good amount of money.

This is the opposite of what you experience when you book these three flights indecently without return tickets. You can also make use of the “round of the world tickets and regional passes”. These tickets are given by airline alliances for a discounted rate. These are special tickets that allow you to travel around the world, although there are terms and conditions attached.

8.  Always book your flights early

If you really want to book very cheap flights, then book them early. Once you have known where and when you are traveling, don’t delay booking your flight. You need to know that airlines typically offer low prices at the start, but once the tickets start selling the price is increased.


Buying your flight tickets early is a big determinant to booking very cheap flights, especially in Europe and Australia. You can save lots of money from booking your flight tickets on time.

9.  You should try to book your very cheap flights in January or February

Experience has shown that it is cheaper to book your flights in the months of January and February. This doesn’t mean that you must travel within these periods. For example, round trip flights from Africa, to Europe, or United States cost less than $500. So, for very cheap flights, you need to book within the aforementioned months of the year.

The rationale behind these cheap flight tickets in January and February is not very clear. Maybe the airlines are trying to boost demand during this period.


book Very Cheap Flights by being flexible with airports

10.  You need to compare other airports

You should not be rigid when it comes to the airport you love to travel from or to. Make out time to check the fares at other airports within your locality. This can go a long way to save you lots of money. You can take a bus from your location to the airports in the bigger cities to book cheaper flights.

11. Try to make use of good VPN service

Many airlines charge different amounts for people in different countries. Therefore, for you to avoid any extra charge due to your location, make use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The VPN hides your location while you are trying to book your flight ticket. By making use of these VPN services, you increase your chances of booking very cheap flights to your different destinations.


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12. You can also use the 24 hour rule

When you have booked your flight ticket, check the next morning to see if the flight fare has been reduced. If you discover that it has it been reduced, put a call across to the airline to cancel your flight.

Once they have canceled your flight, you can rebook for a lesser price. You need to know that canceling your flight needs to be done within 24 hours of booking that flight. After 24 hours, there is little to nothing you can do.

It might look childish, but it will certainly save you some money.

13. Try to know your Airport hubs in order to book very cheap flights


You should know that different airlines have special deals specifically for certain cities or destinations. We show some of these special deals on our website. Just on the right widget of our website, you’d see some special offers and their expiration dates.

These special deals may not cover the destination you are traveling to no doubt. You can take a layover in that destination with special airline deals as part of your round trip. It will surprise you at the amount of money that you can save from this particular approach.

14. You should try to be more flexible with your travel dates and times

You don’t have to be rigid with your travel plans, except it is an emergency that the date can’t be changed. You should understand that airline fares vary greatly on the particular day of the week, festive periods, and upcoming holidays. It will be very difficult to book very cheap flights if you want to travel when everyone else is also travelling.


For example, in Europe, august is a very busy month for traveling and you should know that travel fares will definitely be high. Wherever your destination is, try to go when there are fewer people visiting that place within that period. It will really cost less than when that route is very busy with travelers.

Also, it is important that you utilize the fly off-season periods. Times like the middle of the week is cheaper to travel than the weekends as many people travel during the weekends. It is also cheaper to fly during early morning or late nights as many people try to avoid such odd hours of the day.

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15. Take advantage of the student’s discounts to book very cheap flights


If you are a student, then this will interest you very much. There is always the possibility that you find airlines willing to give you discounts of 20-30% of the original ticket fare. As a student, try to take advantage of this discount at all times when traveling. You can seek the help of travel agencies like Flight Centre or STA Travel. There are always opportunities for flying very cheap flights when you are a student or less than 26 years old.

16. Always search for flight ticket prices as one person

You should avoid the purchase of multiple tickets all at once.  The highest ticket price is always shown in a group of tickets by many airlines. For example, when buying flight tickets for three persons, the airline finds three seats and charge you based on the highest price ticket. If the three seats cost $150, $250, and $300 respectively, the airline prices the seats at $300 each.


It is for this reason you are advised to search for flight tickets as a single person. In your quest for booking very cheap flights, applying as a single person is always the best approach. Even if you are buying for a million persons, search independently as it will help you save lots of money at the end.

The above-listed ways to identify very cheap flights will always help you once you apply them right.


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