16 Scariest Thing In The World

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the scariest thing in the world

We all have different ideas about what we consider the scariest thing in the world.

When it comes to being scared, it’s not always easy to believe what we think and feel, but there are some fears or horror stories that everyone knows about. A dark corner can be scarier than a flickering light bulb at times.

This article will talk about the scariest thing in the world. This list doesn’t try to be definitive or all-inclusive; it’s just a collection of the scariest things that have come to mind over time as I think back on my scary experiences. 

Each of these scary things has its own story, which you can read below. I hope someone who reads these stories will find peace by facing their fears and looking for light where there seems to be only darkness, one scary moment at a time.

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Scariest Thing In The World

The world is full of both amazing and scary things. Here is a list of the scariest thing in the world in no particular order.

1. Haunted Houses


The unknown is what makes haunted houses so scary. We’ve all heard stories and seen movies about places people can’t stop thinking about because they are haunted.

The scariest thing about these places is that we don’t know if they’re real. We’ll never know for sure, which is what makes them so scary. Still, some people think ghosts live in these kinds of places. 

This means that you might not only be scared of what might happen next but you might also be worried that this place will hurt your body.

It doesn’t help when they try to scare people by making noises at night when nothing else is happening. The scariest part is that you won’t know where the noise is coming from, so you won’t be able to prepare for it.

2. Gympie Plant

A plant called a Gympie grows in Australia. The pain from its sting can last for months. The scariest thing about the plant is that its poison will work no matter how long it’s been since you were stung. It is one of the scariest things in the world, for sure.

The Gympie plant is one of the most dangerous plants in Australia. This isn’t just because its stinging hairs hurt a lot. You can find these dangerous little creatures all over the rainforest, where the tall trees tower over your head. 

Sometimes we find them so beautiful that we want to stop and take a picture or two. But be careful: they also hide hidden dangers, like poisonous thorns on vines that get caught in low-hanging trees. 

People who got too close were crushed under them when they snapped back quickly when wind gusts shook the trees.

3. Cursed Objects

Many stories, myths, and legends say that cursed objects can make people sick with bad things. There are a lot of cursed books, movies, places, paintings, and even days.

“The Cursed Mirror of Myrtles Plantation,” “The Hands Resist Him Painting,” “Annabelle and the Possessed Doll,” and “The Anguished Man Painting” are all well-known cursed items.

Annabelle Doll is thought to be the most popular cursed item because of the Conjuring Universe movie series. 

And do you know what the scariest thing about these curses is? You might not even know they have infested you.  

A spell put on something could be labelled a curse. It may result from an object, touch, or something else. It can be done also by looking directly at someone. A curse can sometimes affect you and your children and grandchildren.

4. Bolton Strid

One of nature’s most dangerous traps is between Barden Tower and Bolton Abbey in the English county of Yorkshire. It could look like a six-foot-long mountain stream.

The water seems to be calm. If someone should fall into the strong undercurrent, they may be pulled under and drown. A local legend says that anyone who has ever stepped into this stream has been pulled away by the current.

5. Brain-Eating Amoeba


Amoebas that eat brains are scary because they can kill people. There are many amoebas in freshwater; the scariest thing is that just one drop could cause an infection. It is one of the scariest things in the world, for sure.

The scariest thing about these creatures is that you can’t tell if you’ve been in contact with one because symptoms don’t show up until 24 hours after exposure, which might be too late to treat.

This means that we should all take as many precautions as we can before touching water so that our chances of getting sick are much lower.

Remember to drink water from a bottle or boil water from the tap first.

6. Box Jellyfish

Box jellyfish are the scariest because they can kill you. The poison in these types of jellies is called “Chironex,” and it is 50 times stronger than cyanide. It is also unique in that it doesn’t react to any of the treatments we have now.

Their stingers, or tentacles, have this powerful poison in them. These animals live worldwide, so humans can’t avoid them either. Even though box jellyfish aren’t as common as other sea creatures, it’s hard to scare people away when they show up on beaches where people swim without protection, like in Australia or parts of Asia.

7. Heights

People really do have acrophobia or a fear of heights. People who are scared of heights don’t look down from their terrace or even from the second or third floor of their building. They say that just looking down makes them feel like they’re going to fall off and hurt themselves.

People who are afraid of heights find it hard to go on rides or do adventure sports. But this fear could be unhealthy and make no sense if it gets out of hand. If you’re afraid of heights, you should try to get over it as soon as possible.

8. The Bone Church

You might be startled by something else. Sedlec Ossuary is the name of the church, which is in the Czech Republic. The interior of the church is made of human bones, which makes this place scary.

So, why did this happen in a holy place like a church? People say that the cemetery had so many people that there wasn’t enough space to bury everyone. The church leaders said that if their bones were part of the church, it would bring them to God more closely.

9. Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas is another terrifying event that might keep you up at night. The Devil’s Bible is another name for this legendary Latin book. People say that it came about because a monk made a deal with Devil.

In the 1300s, a monk was about to be executed for his crimes unless he could write a great piece in one night. He gave his soul to Satan and made this 3-foot-long, 165-pound book so he could do this impossible thing. This story seems to be a myth, but it’s not. The “Bible of the Devil” is a real book. Sounds crazy, right?

10. Nuclear weapons

Because they can do so much damage, nuclear weapons are scary. It is one of the scariest things in the world, for sure.

Everything we know about war has changed because of these bombs. The scariest thing is that they could go off at any time.

The world has seen the terrible effects of nuclear war and knows it could happen again. Hiroshima was a great example of what could happen if people didn’t look out for their safety. 

If there’s one thing people should know about these weapons, it’s that radiation can hurt you even if they go off miles away because its effects last longer than any other weapon we know.

11. Graveyards and Cemeteries

We don’t usually think about how scary cemeteries and graveyards are until something scary happens, like on Halloween night, when ghost stories are told around campfires, and scary movies are shown.

Some people believe in ghosts more than others, but it’s hard to deny that graveyards and cemeteries are the scariest places in the world when you think about all the ghosts that roam around at night.

12. Abandoned Places


Some buildings almost seem to have their life force. People who used to live there and loved it but had to leave quickly seemed to haunt them. One of the scariest things about abandoned places is that we don’t know why people left them. It is one of the scariest things in the world, for sure.

Houses left empty can be especially scary because the scariest thing about them might be what happened before they were left empty or when a new person moves in.

13. Krokodil and other drugs that kill

The scariest thing in the world is a drug, not an object. The scariest thing about this drug is that some people are using it to get high and inject themselves with it, even though they don’t know how dangerous it is.

Krokodil is made by mixing codeine tablets with gasoline and paint thinner. The scariest thing about Krokodil is that people don’t know what they’re getting into when using this deadly mixture. 

Krokodil is a drug that can be injected directly into the veins. When this happens, the skin and other tissues are severely damaged. People who use Krokodil have a high chance of dying from side effects like heart failure or a stroke caused by a blood clot in an artery near the brain. 

They also have a high chance of getting HIV/AIDS if they share needles with others because Krokodil damages tissue so badly that germs can get into the bloodstream through open wounds. 

This dangerous drug is known as “Russian Magic,” which has helped spread the word about it. However, anyone who knows anything about it is very afraid, especially since there could never really be any magic involved.

14. Radioactive Trash

Because of nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s, there is still radioactive waste around today. The scariest thing about this kind of pollution is that it can come in many different forms.

It could be found as dust or invisible gases floating through the air. But even when no signs exist, they can still be dangerous. It is one of the scariest things in the world, for sure.

The scariest thing about these contaminated areas, which may or may not have been left by people, is that you don’t know how much radiation has built up over time or what kind of radiation may be there at any given time. 

Scientists say that there is “almost no risk” from small doses, like the ones we get during normal daily activities, but that long-term exposure to high doses could make us sick or even kill us.

The scariest thing about these radioactive wastes is that they don’t become safe when exposed to air. Instead, as time goes by, they become more dangerous. One example is the well-known Chornobyl accident.

After the disaster, more than 200 people got very sick, and about 50 of them died. We don’t know how bad it is for the environment yet, but we know that many of the scariest things in the world are not just fads.

15. Meteoroid

In 2021, meteoroids were the scariest things in the world because they couldn’t be predicted. We don’t realize how much damage these things can do when they fly through the air.

The scariest part is that we might not even be able to see them until it’s too late to react or get ready. Our only hope is that someone could warn us ahead of time, but because these things tend to happen without warning, there will never be enough time to prepare.

The scariest thing about them now is that movies like “Armageddon” have made people more aware of this kind of event. This means that meteorites could come anytime without warning, and no one would be ready for them.

16. Big insects

Because of how they bite, big bugs are the scariest. Spiders, ants, and roaches scare us because they can quickly hurt us or make us sick. How quickly they can hurt or make us sick makes them even scarier. 

Some people might not be afraid of bugs in general, but that doesn’t change the fact that mosquitoes carry diseases like malaria and Zika that you should avoid at all costs! Just because of this, big insects deserve to be on the list.

Insects may also have smaller mouths than other animals, making it easier for fluids to get into your body if you get bitten by one. This makes prevention the most important when dealing with disease-carrying animals like insects.

The scariest thing about them is that they are everywhere, making it hard to avoid them.


This article only talks about the sixteen things that scare people the most. It’s not everything. Many other things scare people so much that they have trouble getting over the trauma for a long time.

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